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How Long to Sauna Bathe to Get Health Benefits

Have you recently become the owner of an at-home sauna? Or are you considering adding a sauna to your vacation home? Anytime access to a heat bathing session is amazing. There are many reasons to utilize a sauna on a regular basis. Maybe you are wondering how long to sauna bathe to get health benefits. 

Let Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa help you answer this important question. Our knowledgeable team can tell you all about the excellent features of any sauna in our selection of saunas by Finnleo®. Let’s talk about the best ways to get the most out of your sauna.

Start with Short Sessions

First, the key is to start with short sessions. Perhaps you are new to the world of heat bathing and sauna benefits. Just 5-10 minutes is enough to begin with in order to let your body adjust to regular heat bathing. 

The warmth of the sauna provides multiple health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular health, increasing circulation, relieving pain, and helping the body relax to name a few. But letting your body adjust to all of this overall wellness boosting gradually is recommended. 

Get Acquainted with Your Gorgeous Sauna

Next, different types of saunas put off different types of heat. You need to decide the limits of your sauna times depending on your sauna as well. As you get acquainted with your gorgeous sauna, you will learn all about the health and wellness it can help you achieve. 

Finnleo® Traditional Saunas range in temperature from 150℉ to 180℉. This heat, generated by heated rocks, warms the sauna room before you enter. You will want to wait 30-40 minutes for the sauna to reach the desired temperature before you start your brief relaxation time. Many people also enjoy adding water to the heated rocks, creating the steam that is often associated with a sauna.  

Another option is the Finnleo® Far-Infrared Saunas. The temperature range for these saunas is lower, between 120℉ to 140℉. These saunas are heated with infrared technology. This means it directly warms your body instead of the air around you. You can go directly in and let the sauna do its work. Or you can give it about 10 minutes to warm up a bit before you enter for a short session. 

Limit the Length of Lounging

Finally, there is one more thing to remember about how long to sauna bathe to get health benefits. There must be a limit to the length of lounging in a sauna in order to achieve the sauna benefits to their fullest extent. 

Excessive time in extreme temperatures can quickly cause dehydration. Keeping water nearby is a must anytime you sit in the sauna. Once you know the limits of your body and your sauna, a 20-30 minute slot is usually the recommended cap for a single session. 

Speak with the Specialists

Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is known throughout the Vail Valley as a complete leisure and recreation specialist. Homeowners in the Central Rockies have been relying on our help for over 40 years now. You can stop by either of our stores in Vail and Frisco with your sauna questions anytime!