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How Often Does a Pool Need Maintenance?

A backyard swimming pool is a wonderful luxury. Having one in the beautiful central Rocky Mountains is even better! As you adjust to being a pool owner, there are many questions that will cross your mind. One common question to address quickly is this: how often does a pool need maintenance? Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa can help with this important topic. 

Pools do need to be routinely maintained. From water chemistry to cleaning, maintenance and care is an important part of pool ownership. That’s why homeowners in the Vail Valley rely on us for their leisure lifestyle needs. This begins with pools but extends far beyond that. We offer pool route service that is highly sought after in Eagle County, Summit County, and the surrounding areas. Our company has been servicing pools for 40 years now. Pool maintenance is simple when you rely on our help. Let our experienced team make routine visits to care for your centerpiece of aquatic activity. 

Schedule Service Based on Use

The beauty of having professional pool service is that you do not have to concern yourself with the pool maintenance itself. Our knowledgeable technicians take care of all of that for you. All that you need to do is to decide how often you want the team to come and check on the pool and make sure that it is safe for swimming. 

If you plan to use the pool as often as possible, a weekly visit is definitely a great place to start. Any time you know you’re having a party or extra people for a day in the water, you can schedule an extra service call to prepare. When the swimming days slow down due to schedules or summer travel, you can also spread the service visits out a little more.

Perhaps you have a vacation home in Frisco or Vail. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is also available to prepare your pool for your summer trips. Just contact us anytime you’re planning to travel here for a getaway. Then your pool will be ready for countless hours of action when you arrive. 

Expect Excellent Maintenance Each Time

When you leave your pool maintenance to our experienced employees, you can rest assured that your pool is in excellent hands. Our service teams are known for their rapid response times. Each week, we perform over 1,000 service calls. Your pool is our priority. And our employees are trained and certified to properly tend to your pool’s needs.

The route service team takes care of all of the pool maintenance items every time they visit. Cleaning the pool, balancing water chemistry, checking all of the pool’s components to make sure that all is running smoothly — our experts will make sure that everything is done. Your pool will be clean, running, and ready for your enjoyment. And you will receive documentation of all that the team did for your pool, complete with pictures and dates for your reference.

So how often does a pool need maintenance? Your water chemistry and cleaning need to be taken care of at least once a week. Read our blog on DIY maintenance vs. Professional Pool Service in caring for your pool. Then, you can decide how often you want your pool cleaned and checked. Whether your pool is in need of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal or one-time service, we can partner with you to keep your pool clean and cared for. Anyone in need of pool service in Vail can contact us to join the long list of our satisfied customers. With Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa a life of incredible relaxation and recreation is available.