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How Our Summit County Service Professionals Maintain Your Hot Tub

Maybe you’ve heard about Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa’s reliable, routine route service teams from your family or friends. Maybe you want to know how our Summit County service professionals maintain your hot tub. If you’re considering turning over your spa maintenance to experienced experts, now is the time. Let us tell you about how we pamper and prepare your hot tub so that it’s always ready and waiting for you.


Service Standards Matter 

First, let us tell you about the motto of our maintenance department — clean, running, ready. Our Summit County service professionals have these goals in mind when they arrive to care for your hot tub. We will ensure that your spa is impeccably clean, running smoothly, and ready for your enjoyment. These service standards matter to us because our customers matter to us.

With the largest service fleet in the area, we know that there are people counting on us. Our experienced technicians are known for their fast response times. We have 60 certified, trained team members that perform over 1,000 service calls every week. We have over 30 vehicles on the roads to make sure that your hot tub is clean, running, and ready.


Meticulous Water Care

Choosing to use our stellar services for your hot tub care makes your life much simpler. You will no longer have to keep track of when to drain and fill your hot tub. Our team will do all of that for you. 

Because our team does this on a regular basis, we know exactly what needs to be done. You don’t have to guess or research the steps of the process. When we are done with the necessary maintenance on each visit, you will receive an email with photos of our work. This gives you the assurance that the hot tub was serviced and is set for use.


Thorough Spa Cleaning

Another task that our service professionals take care of when they visit is cleaning your hot tub. We do this carefully and thoroughly. Our knowledgeable staff knows that clean hot tub water is vital for safe enjoyment. We take care of safely scrubbing and sanitizing the spa. This means that all you need to be concerned about is enjoying its relaxing hydrotherapy.


Comprehensive Chemistry Balancing

One of the trickier aspects of spa maintenance is balancing water chemistry. When you trust our Summit County service professionals to maintain your hot tub, we take care of this for you. Remember our employees are experts in this field. 

We can test and balance your hot tub water effortlessly. With staff that have over 30 years of experience in this field, you are in capable hands. Your spa water will be balanced and beckoning when we finish.


We are currently celebrating our 40th year of servicing pools and spas and providing hot tub and pool accessories in Vail and the Central Rocky Mountain region. Now that you know how our Summit County service professionals maintain your hot tub, contact us today. We’re ready to add your name to our service list anytime.