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How to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

Everyone has dreams for their backyard and all the fun they can enjoy there. Nosey neighbors typically don’t factor into these dreams, though. So how do you get more privacy in your backyard to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest? At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we are experts in backyard recreation. We build custom pools all the time and have excellent ideas on how to provide the privacy you crave.

Add a Fence to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

Adding a privacy fence is the most obvious way to get more privacy in your backyard. There are numerous options available on the market today, and you are sure to find something to suit your taste and preferences. A fence is also a great way to keep younger children and animals safe and secure. This is a simple and quick way to keep any neighbors out of your business. 

Add Rock Features to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

If a fence is not your thing, the experts at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa are well-versed in using rock features to add privacy to your backyard. We can build up a waterfall to shield your pool or hot tub from prying eyes while keeping with the beautiful Colorado scenery. We can also place larger stones strategically around the yard to provide cover in a natural way for conversation areas or fire pits. Getting creative in this way will ensure you have your privacy in a natural way.

Add Landscaping to Get More Privacy in Your Backyard

Another avenue for natural-looking privacy in your backyard is to add strategic landscaping. Taller trees along property lines provide a sort of fence that can still blend with the surrounding nature. You can also add shrubbery around your pool and hot tub areas to shield it from prying eyes. When you come in for a consultation, we can explore different plant options you may enjoy. This provides a lot of opportunities for individuality and self-expression.

Use Specialty Spa Covers to Get More Privacy

If you are just looking to gain more privacy around your hot tub or swim spa, a Covana cover can be a fantastic option. With just the turn of a key, the cover will lift, creating a gazebo for protection from the weather. They also come with sides that are lower to envelop your space. This serves double duty in keeping the wind off of you on cold winter days and nosey neighbors away. You will not regret making this purchase even if you don’t need extra privacy in your backyard. 

If you are looking to create the backyard of your dreams, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa experts are available at our Vail and Frisco locations to help you plan just that. We offer free in-home consultations to help us better understand your needs, space, and dreams for your area. As the recreation and relaxation experts, we are eager and ready to help you build a backyard you can love for years to come.