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How to Identify a Quality Hot Tub

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, you’re no doubt picturing cozy nights in the spa, stargazing with your partner or soothing aching muscles after a workout. The one thing you’re definitely not picturing is a broken down hot tub with no customer support in sight. Buy a hot tub from a big box store or traveling spa show, and unfortunately, that could be your reality. Instead, follow these guidelines to pick a quality hot tub that you can count on being a great investment!

Brand Matters

It can seem like a heck of a deal when you see advertisements from big box stores featuring spas you’ve never heard of. Don’t fall for it, though! All hot tubs are not created equal, and you want to invest in one that is known for quality, performance, and longevity. It’s never been easier to find customer reviews than it is now, so vet any brand you’re interested in and see what other customers have experienced. 

Dealer Matters

When you need a little help with your hot tub, (whether that’s with a part, routine maintenance, or you have questions about keeping your water balanced), you’ll be glad you chose a local dealer who will stick with you after the sale. A great dealership will have a good reputation (check those online reviews again) and be experts at the hot tubs they sell if not others, as well. 


We’ve mentioned before that a hot tub with a ton of jets isn’t necessarily better than one with fewer. The power of the pumps has to be greater than the number of jets or they can’t push water through the jets effectively. Meaning, your jetted massage would leave a lot to be desired. 

Most important is the action of the jets. Pulsing, rotational, and sweeping jets, for instance, all provide a different experience. You may love how sweeping jets feel on your back but need a pulsing action to release the tension in your neck. Make sure that the hot tub brand you’re considering has multiple types of jets. 

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient spa has superior insulation and is designed with high-quality parts that work together to consume less energy. For instance, the Hot Spring® Limelight and Hot Spot Collection spas are constructed with FiberCor insulation, which insulates 4x greater than typical ½ pound foam. And the Hot Spring Highlife and Limelight Collection spas feature the SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump which consumes less energy than a 40-watt light bulb!

Try Before You Buy

Not every spa will feel comfortable to you, even when you’re comparing high-quality ones. Each one will feel different, sound different, and even perform differently. That’s why we always recommend you take a test soak before you purchase. Here are some things to look for while you’re trying a hot tub out:

  • How loud is it? A very loud hot tub is a sign of lesser quality.
  • How do the jets feel? Try out all the different jets and seats in the spa. Make sure the spa you choose has jets that feel great to you and hit you in just the right spot.
  • How’s the footbed? Make sure your feet fit comfortably in the spa you’ve selected.
  • How do the seats feel? Make sure they fit your body type and that you don’t float out of them. Foot ridges will help you relax fully in the seat and keep you from floating out (which would stop you from relaxing since your muscles would have to keep working to hold you in the seat).
  • Is it user-friendly? Be sure you can easily adjust the massage jets as well as the hot tub controls.

To us, there’s no higher-quality spa than a Hot Spring hot tub. In fact, Hot Spring sells more hot tubs than any other brand in the world! If you’re ready to own your own Hot Spring spa, visit one of our showrooms in Vail or Frisco so we can help you find your ideal model.