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How To Prepare for My Sauna Installation

Enjoying a luxurious home sauna sounds delightful, but if you’re like many homeowners, you may wonder how a sauna installation works. Preparing to install a sauna doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, we want to bring a plethora of options for relaxation and wellness to our Vail, Colorado friends and family. So, we’ve put together a quick list to help ensure your sauna is properly installed with minimal effort. 

1. The Perfect Place 

The first thing you need to do is choose the right location for your sauna. Ideally, you want to choose a space that is well-ventilated, away from any electrical wiring, and has easy access to a power source. You should also consider the size of your sauna and make sure it will fit comfortably in the space you’ve chosen. A few good options may include your bedroom, home gym, or even a spacious bathroom. 

2. Choose the Right Sauna

Before the actual installation, choosing your sauna is the most exciting part of the process! There are several types of saunas, each offering a unique way of achieving wonderful wellness benefits like improved flexibility and better sleep. Whether you select a traditional, infrared, or far-infrared room, you’ll find a variety of sizes and styles to fit your space and meet your health goals.

3. Prepare the Space for Sauna Installation

Once you’ve chosen the location for your sauna, you’ll need to prepare the space. This may involve removing any furniture, artwork, or decorations from the area, as well as clearing out any debris or clutter. You may also need to install additional ventilation, such as a ceiling fan or air vent, to ensure proper air circulation.

4. Install the Electrical Wiring

Next, you’ll need to install the electrical wiring for your future sauna. This is a job best left to a professional electrician, as it can be dangerous and requires specific knowledge and expertise. Make sure you hire a licensed and insured electrician who has experience working with saunas.

Some saunas can be plugged into any standard home outlet. However, be sure that that is the case when you go sauna shopping!  

5. Add Accessories to Your Sauna’s Design

In addition to choosing the right sauna, you’ll also need to choose the right accessories to enhance your sauna experience. This may include things like a sauna bench, a towel rack, a thermometer, and a hygrometer. These are all things you can incorporate into a custom-cut sauna design before your sauna installation. 

6. Prepare for the Installation Process

Finally, you’ll need to prepare for the actual installation process. This may involve arranging for the delivery of your sauna, clearing a path for the delivery truck, and making sure there is enough space for the installation team to work.

Are you ready to bring a sauna to your Vail, Colorado home? Contact the Leisure Specialists at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa. We’ll walk you through the selection and design process and ensure you and your home are set up for success when it comes time to install. Give us a call at 970-949-6339, or come by one of our stunning showrooms to talk in person today!