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How to Stay Fit After 50 With a Spa

An active, healthy lifestyle is key to staying fit after 50. But having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to equate to being a gym rat! In fact, your enjoyable backyard escape — your spa — can be a key contributor to staying fit after 50.

Staying Limber

“Use it or lose it” is one famous refrain we’re all familiar with. There’s a lot of truth to that. You’re probably not as flexible as you used to be, but stiffening muscles and joints are not a requirement of aging. Many times, feeling stiffness and pain really is a result of failing to stretch and use joints, muscles, and ligaments. So to stay flexible, or to increase your mobility, it’s important to keep moving and stretching.

Here’s some good news: your spa can help you with this! Warm water hydrotherapy has been proven to improve flexibility. The water’s heat warms muscles, helping you stretch more deeply. Plus, if you’re dealing with pain or an injury, the warm water will increase your circulation (which promotes healing) and relieve tension and pressure on the affected area while the jets give you a muscle-relaxing massage. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that after a hot tub soak, your body feels more supple and limber.

Improving Your Cardiovascular Health 

Nothing replaces staying active, but here’s an impressive fact: warm water hydrotherapy can improve your cardiovascular health. In fact, while you’re enjoying a relaxing soak in your spa, your heart is getting a mild workout. The heat raises your core temperature and increases your heart rate. For your heart, it’s similar to what happens during aerobic exercise. Warm water hydrotherapy can also lower blood pressure and inflammation. Altogether, over time, this can positively impact your cardiovascular system. 

Too Many Benefits to Count

If improving your heart health and staying limber aren’t enough, there are so many other ways a spa helps you stay fit:

  • Manage stress. 
  • Sleep better.
  • Get pain relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and more.
  • Improve mood and mental health.
  • Reduce joint inflammation.
  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones.

A quality hot tub like a Hot Spring® spa from Maximum Comfort can be an incredible asset to helping you stay flexible. Or, with an Endless Pools® Fitness System, you can have even more options for staying fit. Besides all the hydrotherapeutic benefits the spa seats offer, you could swim in the endless current, enjoy a low impact jog, walk, or bike ride, or do aqua aerobics. 

Ready stay fit after 50 with a hot tub or swim spa of your own? We’d love to help you find your new spa!