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How to Surprise Someone with a New Hot Tub

It’s the holiday season, and boy do you want to make a statement this year! There’s times in your life where you need something BIG for the one you love most. A grand gesture can go a long way in helping you pull off the surprise of a lifetime. And while there are a dozen gifts that may seem like a big deal, we have the BIGGEST deal of all time. Surprise your loved one this season with a sensational spa — the gift that just keeps on giving in so many incredible ways. Here’s how to surprise someone with a new hot tub.

Plot Your Landing

The first thing to do is to scope out the landscape and decide where you need to place your new spa. Measure the area and make sure you include storage space for cleaning supplies and accessories. You may want to plan for additional landscaping if needed to ensure privacy. A hot tub provides lots of options to add new greenery and plant life to your backyard. If you haven’t already selected your model, start with Hot Tub 101 and then visit with our sales team to get set up. You’ll want to make sure you have a power source and easy access to water. Soon you’ll get to experience a healthy, beneficial life with your new hot tub.

Build the Suspense to Surprise Someone with a New Hot Tub

The goal of a big surprise is to build up to the big reveal so it’s a genuine surprise. Decide if you want to surprise your loved one with announcing the purchase before the installation. Or you can go big for an at-home reveal with the help of some friends! Let us help you by getting your installation scheduled for a time that works for you. We will complete your installation, set the water levels and temperature, then test it out to make sure it’s in complete working order. When you work with us, we make sure you are set and ready to go before we walk away. Your hot tub surprise will be better than you ever imagined.

Mission Complete

Now it’s time for the big reveal! You can go with the classic “close your eyes” approach, have your friends take your loved on out for the day, or put the owner’s manual in a giant greeting card. Any way you pull off your reveal, you’re sure to get the reaction of a lifetime when your special someone discovers their new hot tub surprise

Live Your Best Life

According to Psychology Today, surprises can lead to greater intimacy, tender interactions, lighthearted fun, and relationship contentment. A new hot tub is a fantastic way to live your best life with the one you love and your grand surprise. Let our expert team help with the details so you can surprise your loved one with a new hot tub. We are here to assure you that with careful planning, a new hot tub is the perfect kind of surprise! With the promise of more quality time at home while staying healthy, the new addition will be the ultimate gift. Call us today to get started on your best gift-giving season ever!