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How to Turn Your Hot Tub into the Ultimate Entertainment Destination

Turn your hot tub into the ultimate entertainment destination and get way more out of your Colorado spa experience. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and family, a few simple additions to your hot tub and outdoor space and you can easily create the perfect place for a get-together, big or small. 

Invest in a Quality Sound System

When it comes to adding sound to your spa, music is only just the start. You can turn your hot tub into the ultimate entertainment spot by playing audiobooks, favorite podcasts, nature sounds, and more. Gather your closest friends and listen to that true crime podcast that’s been in your library for forever. Introduce party guests to your new favorite band, or create a Spotify playlist that’s perfect for evening soaks. Start your weekend off with a Saturday morning soak and the sound of the rainforest whisking you away to another world. Check out the Hot Spring® Sound System with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology and consider adding it to your Hot Spring hot tub!

Illuminate Your Space with LED Lighting 

The right lighting can set the mood for any occasion. Install LED lights in and around your spa to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can also invest in color-changing lights that can be controlled with a remote, allowing you to change the ambiance to suit your mood. A soft glow of lights creates an intimate place for entertaining that special someone. Brighter, bolder lights quickly become an essential element of your summer evening hot tub party. 

Breakout the Blockbuster Hits

Did you know you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows in your hot tub? Add a projector to your backyard, or install a hot tub compatible all-weather screen right on your spa. Take those viewing parties to the next level with friends and family and create an immersive cinematic experience unlike any other.  

Maintain Your Hot Tub

When you turn your hot tub into the ultimate entertainment destination, no doubt it will get lots of use! This makes it incredibly important to stay on top of your regular water care and maintenance. Clean the filters and check the water chemistry to keep the water clean and clear. Consider investing in a hot tub cover to keep debris out when not in use. And, if you find yourself too busy to stay on top of maintaining your hot tub, consider signing up for a professional service to come and take care of your spa for you. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, we want to help everyone create a beautiful outdoor oasis to enjoy our stunning Vail, Colorado views. If you’re ready to add a hot tub to your home, or to upgrade some special features, contact us today! And, if you’re needing a one-time or regularly scheduled spa service, our amazing service team is available to help. We’ll have your hot tub clean, running, and ready for your entertainment! Schedule hot tub service here.