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Improve Your Golf Game with Regular Hot Tub Use

Hitting the links is a great way to improve your golf game, but there are steps you can take off the course to get a little bit better too. Before you tee off, take some time to soak in your hot tub.

Improve Your Grip Strength

Working out your hand muscles helps you better grip your putter. Put a dishcloth on the edge of the hot tub. Crumple it into a tight ball, letting go and repeating a dozen times with each hand. Do this 3-4 times weekly to improve your golf game.

Use Therapeutic Bands

These stretchy bands help stretch and strengthen your chest and shoulder muscles. In fact, these bands work better than expensive gym equipment. When your chest is strong, you’ll have a more effective swing. When your shoulders are strong, you’re less likely to injure your rotator cuff.

Hold the band overhead with both hands so that you feel some tension in the band. Increase or decrease the tension in the band by gripping it widely or narrowly. Slowly lower the band behind your back, then up over your head and then down to your belt line. Resistance will increase when the band hits the water giving you a greater workout.

Improve Your Mental Game

A competitive golf game is often won or lost in between your ears. Your ability to strategize and concentrate is an important skill if you want to improve your golf game. Consider downloading the book, “Golf is Not A Game of Perfect” by Bob Rotella, Ph.D. and playing the audiobook while you soak in your spa. There are fewer distractions in a hot tub, so you’re more likely to pay attention.

Soak Before and After a Game

Prepare for your next golf game by warming up in the hot tub. Move your joints through their full range of motion and condition your muscles. This alone will improve your handicap! If you feel stiff when the game is over, or if you pull a muscle on the course, crank up the therapeutic massage jets on your HotSpring spa and you’ll feel better quickly.

Stop by our showrooms in Vail or Frisco to check out our hot tub collection. We have a full line of spas for every budget. You can even take a test soak so you can try it before you buy. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.