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Include a Hot Tub in your Home Remodeling Project

Are you considering a remodel of your home? Remodeling is more popular than ever, as homeowners are often choosing to reinvest in their current properties instead of moving into something new. Plus, remodeling is a good investment – typical home improvement projects return about 75 to 80 cents for every dollar you spend. So not only are you creating the home you want, you’re building value. Win – win, right?

The key to coming out ahead on a home remodeling project is to plan carefully and invest your money in the projects that will give you the greatest return. Kitchens and baths are always a great bet – but there’s one that might surprise you.

Adding a hot tub!

Hot tubs, especially those that are integrated into the property, can not only bring you daily enjoyment, but can greatly appeal to buyers whenever you do decide to sell – especially here in Colorado. To create the right setting, think about placing your hot tub on a patio or deck, constructing a pergola or gazebo above it, and adding lush landscaping around for privacy and scenery around the spa.

Once you’ve installed a hot tub, be sure to keep up with the maintenance. This achieves several things:

  • First, your spa will always be ready for your use.
  • Second, a properly maintained spa will hold its value and reduce the chance that you’ll need repairs.
  • Third, a sparkling clean spa will appeal to those potential buyers down the road. A hot tub that’s not maintained could actually hurt your home’s value, rather than help it.

If you don’t have time to keep up with a maintenance schedule, no worries! Sign up for our route service and we’ll do all the work. Route service can be scheduled however it’s most convenient for you.

Ready to start shopping for the hot tub that’s just right for you, and your home? Come see us at either of our convenient locations. We’d love to talk to you about your home and your lifestyle, and show you our quality hot tubs that will fit your life and help add value to your home.