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Is a Salt Water Hot Tub Right for You?

While we love living in the mountains, we also enjoy the occasional trip to the sea. There’s something so wonderfully soothing about the sound of the waves breaking on shore, and the smell of clean, fresh, salty air.

Now you can bring some of the joys of the ocean to your rocky mountain hot tub hideaway with a salt water hot tub. Salt water Hot Spring hot tubs give you clean, soft, sanitized spa water with easy upkeep. But, you might be wondering if a salt water hot tub is right for you. Let’s find out …

There’s more to a salt water hot tub than just adding a bunch of table salt to your existing spa water. Salt water hot tub systems are actually engineered to create chlorine from the interaction of salt and water – enough chlorine to keep the water sanitized, but not enough to create a strong smell or irritate your eyes or skin.


There are a few primary benefits to salt water hot tubs

  1. Easy Maintenance. Traditional hot tub water care involves a lot of testing and monitoring of pH and chemicals. Once a salt water system is established, it’s nearly maintenance free. The system will create pure, clean water for months.
  2. No Irritants. Chloramines are the substances in typical hot tub water that cause red, itchy eyes, and irritated skin. If you’re sensitive to these substances, it can keep you from enjoying the hot tub you wanted so much. Salt water systems limit your exposure to these substances.
  3. Longer-lasting water. Draining and refilling the hot tub every three to four months is one of the tasks hot tub owners dread the most. With salt water sanitization, the water can last up to twelve months.
  4. A pleasant soaking experience. Salt water increases your buoyancy. This can make it even easier to relax in your spa. And the salt water is softer and more gentle on your skin.

Before you decide, there are a few other considerations:

  1. Salt cells do need to be replaced after a few years, so you’ll want to consider that cost down the road.
  2. Salt water systems cost a little more upfront, but you will spend less on water chemicals and maintenance.

Still trying to decide? Stop by our stores in Frisco or Vail and our experienced sales team would be happy to talk to you about owning an affordable mountain hot tub with salt water sanitation.