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Is a Saltwater Spa Right For Me?

Did you know that saltwater spas are a great alternative to the traditional chlorine spas? Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa carries the Hot Spring® Spas lines that have two collections compatible with the amazing FreshWater® Salt System. The Highlife® spas and Limelight® spa lines are both popular collections with several shapes and capacities to choose from. The saltwater system they offer is very beneficial for people with sensitive skin. It has several other perks as well. As you research this topic, ask yourself, “Is a saltwater spa right for me?” 

Worry-Free Water Care 

Maintenance is a necessary part of spa ownership. The first thing a FreshWater® Salt System provides is virtually worry-free water care. When used correctly, this system keeps the spa water clean and clear for an entire year. The small amount of salt added to the water naturally creates chlorine. This means less chemical adding for the maintenance manager. 

Obliteration of Odious Odors

Does chlorine’s harsh smell adversely affect your senses? Red, burning eyes or irritated skin can often be the result of sitting in a spa with a strong chlorine presence. With the salt water system that automatically makes its own chlorine, this strong odor is not an issue. 

Your skin and your body will love the feeling this water system affords. Soaking in a saltwater spa is an amazing experience — almost like sitting in a natural, therapeutic hot spring.

Top-of-the-Line Technology

Another reason that a saltwater spa is perfect for you is the unique, high-quality technology used in its design. The control panel is made to remind you to test the water’s content every 10 days. This means you will not forget to check and adjust levels as necessary. If anything goes wrong with the system, the control panel will also notify you and instruct you on what steps you need to take to correct the problem. 

The system is designed to function with a disposable titanium cartridge. This container is where the salt works its magic to create chlorine. Each cartridge lasts 4 months. Then you just remove and replace it. 

Eco-Friendly Efficiency

Next, a saltwater system is easier on the environment. Not only are chemicals not added as often, but also refilling the hot tub with water is not needed frequently. Normal spa use with this saltwater system only requires a draining and refilling once a year. When you invest in this system, you  will save a great amount on chemicals that you will not need. This helps the environment and your pocketbook.

Hydrotherapy at Home

One final reason a saltwater spa is a great choice for you is the hydrotherapy it will provide — right at your home. A great follow-up for an exhilarating exercise routine is a rejuvenating soak in a saltwater spa. Tense muscles begin to heal themselves, and aching joints get some relief with a hydrotherapy massage in your hot tub. Hot tub benefits are amazing, and switching to a saltwater system can heighten your enjoyment of the benefits.

Is a saltwater spa right for me? Undoubtedly! The Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa family is celebrating our 40th anniversary in the pool and spa industry. We’d love to share our expertise with you. Contact us today to find out how to get an incredible saltwater spa for yourself.