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Is It Worth Getting on a Pool Builder’s Waitlist?

When we hear the word waiting, we often think of anticipation. When we wait for a table at a restaurant, we are anticipating delicious food. When we wait for a movie to come out in theaters, we are anticipating seeing a new plot come to life before our eyes. When we wait for cold, dreary days to end, we are anticipating enjoying our favorite outdoor activities in the sunshine — hiking, camping, golfing, swimming… the possibilities are endless! But is a pool builder’s waitlist worth my time?

Waiting for a pool builder to begin installing a brand new pool is no different. This waiting brings with it the anticipation of soon having your very own backyard entertainment hub. At Maximum Comfort Pools & Spas, our pools have been pleasing our customers for four decades. We are Colorado’s experts on all things pool & spa. Getting on our pool builder’s waitlist is completely worth it! Here are three reasons why you should contact us today to get your name on the list.

The Pool Builder’s Waitlist: Timeline of Events

Getting your name on a pool builder’s wait list is top priority. It will help you get a general idea of the time when you can expect your pool build to begin. This is the first step of the process. After your name is on the waitlist, start looking for inspiration for your beautiful backyard. Once you get the ball rolling, the pool builder will also give you an approximate timeline of when to expect the finished product to be swim-ready. Keep in mind that unexpected delays can occur due to weather, paperwork, and such; but knowing the pool is on its way to you makes all of that easier to accept.

Ahead of the Others

Being on a waitlist lets you know that your turn is coming! You can see your name progressing to the front of the line, and this is a great feeling. If you do not put your name on the waitlist before the busy season overtakes our pool builders, your delay for a new pool is inevitable. This could put you months to a year behind the time when you wanted to be swimming. Don’t delay, so that you can enjoy your own backyard pool to the max.

Peace of Mind 

The final reason to get your name on the waitlist is for your own peace of mind. You can relax and trust the experts to do their job. They will walk you through every step of the pool-building process. The permits and paperwork can be taken care of while you wait for the actual construction and building to begin. Before you know it, your beautiful pool will be ready for endless enjoyment.

If you are not sure what size pool you need or where it should be located, we offer a free in-home consultation. This will give you added peace of mind for your pool building experience. One of our qualified team members will help you measure your yard. We can let you know what type of pool would be a great fit. We can also give you advice about landscaping and layout. And above all, we will make sure your pool choice complements your home. 

Get on the waitlist now!

We are here to help you design & build the pool of your dreams. Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa is celebrating our 40th anniversary this year! Our pool builder’s waitlist is sure to fill up quickly. Visit one of our stores today, see why we’ve been in business for 40 years, and ensure that your spot on the waitlist is secured. Summer after summer will be more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.