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Less Screen Time, More Endless Pools Time

Do you find yourself needing a way to escape all of the screens that beg for your attention? Outdoor activities are a great way to step away from technology and enjoy much needed solitude or social interaction with loved ones. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th anniversary of operation in the central Rocky Mountain region. We are experts on outdoor leisure entertainment. Endless Pools® Fitness Systems are one of the amazing products we recommend for your life. Less screen time, more Endless Pools time is a great place to start your escape from demanding screens.  

Innovative Creations

Maybe you are unfamiliar with the innovative Endless Pools Swim Spas. They have several different, life-transforming models available. Each one has unique features to offer. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss the swim spas we carry and help you decide which best fits your needs.

Indoor Compatible

One great possibility that these swim spas afford is the capability of indoor installation. The beautiful mountains of Colorado often present a challenge for outdoor aquatic installations. If you are not sure that an Endless Pools swim spa would work in your backyard, you can have one installed inside your home. 

This means you can utilize your swim spa year round. You will not have to worry about how the weather or terrain will affect your plans for swimming, exercising, or soaking anytime. You will have an ever-present outlet for shutting off screens and spending time together with your family. 

In-Demand, Low-Impact Exercise

Another great feature of an Endless Pools swim spa is their design for low-impact exercise. You can swim in place and use the adjustable resistance stream for an intense workout. Completing an exercise routine like this underwater helps to cushion your muscles and joints as they do their work. Exercising is a great way to step away from all screens and, in turn, give yourself energy for a busy day. 

Indispensable Entertainment

A swim spa is like a pool and spa combined into one. There is plenty of space to splash and play, just as you would in a swimming pool. Endless Fitness swim spa accessories are another thing to consider getting to help you enjoy your swim spa even more. Time in the water is enjoyable and entertaining, no matter what you choose to do. Screens won’t be remembered or needed for quite a while.

Immediate Relaxation

One final feature that a swim spa includes is the opportunity for immediate relaxation. The therapeutic massage the jets provide will help you to shut out the stresses of the day — and the screens — to simply soak and be still. 

Remember that less screen time, more Endless Pools time is a wonderful way to shut out distractions and simply appreciate some aquatic relaxation. You can get an amazing swim spa, available right here in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. Contact us or visit one of our stores today. With 40 years in the industry, our team has the experience and expertise you are looking for in a pool and spa company.