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Looking to Take Date Night to the Next Level? Consider a Hot Tub!

Has your regular date night fallen into a rut? A concert in the park, dinner out, or a movie are fun dates, but they all fall short in one department: intimate quality time where the two of you are only focused on each other! Which is why you need to level up and blow your partner away with a hot tub date night! 

You see, something pretty special happens when you’re soaking together in the hot tub. First, there’s nothing to distract you from each other. No phone calls. Work and emails out of mind. And there’s not another person in sight! 

Second, quality time happens effortlessly. While you’re enjoying a soak, you get to reconnect. Talk, hold hands, dream about the future…you leave the spa feeling more connected and reminded anew how much you love each other.

Any time you climb into the hot tub with your partner is great, but to take your date night to the next level, try these tips!

Set the Mood

  • Music and lighting set a romantic stage. Make a playlist of romantic music or create one with the songs that are special to your relationship. For lighting, a string of twinkle lights or a few candles nearby are a simple touch that will make a big impact on the ambiance. 
  • Aromatherapy can amp up the sensual experience. Just make sure any scents you add to your hot tub are designed specifically for spa use. You don’t want to end up with a clogged filter later.
  • Don’t forget the babysitter – away from the house! It’s a great night to send the kids for a sleepover with their grandparents.

Date Night Food

  • Desserts are always welcome. If you enjoy dinner before heading out to the hot tub, consider serving some type of dessert in the spa. Small, easy-to-grab foods are perfect. Go for the classic chocolate-dipped fruit. Get cookies or mini cupcakes from the bakery. Or enjoy a few decadent truffles as a treat. 
  • Drinks, like fruit juices and bottled water, are a must. Alcohol isn’t the best idea when hot-tubbing, but if you want to pour a glass of champagne, go ahead…just make sure you follow it with water to keep hydrated. 


  • A deep conversation is always a win. Intimacy is what you’re after, and sitting close, sharing your dreams and plans (or jokes and laughs) is a great way to spend your time. 
  • Games, like “Twenty Questions”, or even a game played with waterproof playing cards can be a fun activity to do together. Or, go for a more sensual game – you make up the rules!
  • A massage or relaxing rub is guaranteed to take your date night to the next level.
  • Stargazing, while snuggled up together, of course, is a simple activity that will have you feeling more connected, even after you leave the hot tub.

Try a hot tub date for your next date night – your partner will definitely be wowed! 

No hot tub of your own? We can remedy that! Let us get introduce you to a Hot Spring® Spa that will guarantee you date night success for years to come.