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Mom Deserves a Hot Tub

You love your mom.  You appreciate her. But how do you really show how much you care? We recommend you go big this year because Mom deserves a hot tub!

She Works Hard… Well Beyond 40 Hours a Week

Regardless of whether she’s a stay-at-home-mom or works a full-time job, a mom works day in and day out. If she has a job outside the home, she then comes home to care for the kids, clean the house, prepare meals, work on laundry, and more! If she works at home, she still holds the equivalent to 10 jobs all at once (maid, daycare, teacher, chef, waitress, counselor, corrections officer…).

A mom is never able to turn completely “off.” She needs a place to turn off and reset, even if it’s just for 20 minutes at the beginning or end of the day. She needs a place to retreat without hearing the word MOM on repeat. Whether her boss is a grown man or a toddler, a hot tub could be her quiet place of refuge.

A Hot Tub can Help Mom Rest

Even when your mom is asleep, she’s not able to fully relax. If someone calls her name, coughs, or (god forbid) has the stomach bug, she’s ready to go in an instant. Studies show that moms live for years completely sleep deprived because they never fully sleep deeply until the kids leave home (and even then, probably not, because a Mom’s worry is never done).

Despite her genetic disposition to take care of others, a hot tub can help Mom sleep more soundly. The human body temperature drops when we sleep and are fully at rest. Soaking in a hot tub increases body temperature, and when you step out of the spa, that temperature decreases rapidly. Mom will learn that’s the best time to head to bed because she’ll get some of the best sleep she’s ever had.

Take Family Time to the Next Level

No matter how frustrating and exhausting life can be, your Mom loves every moment spent with you and the rest of the family. She knows that life is precious, so give her more of the good moments. A hot tub isn’t a place where technology and social media get in the way of conversation. It’s a great spot to have relaxing, quality time with the whole family, or even just a date night in your own backyard after the kids go to bed. She’ll appreciate both!

Not sure which hot tub to get Mom? Bring her to the Maximum Comfort showroom in either Vail or Frisco and tell her she can pick her own HotSpring spa. Getting exactly what she wants will make this epic gift even better, for both of you!