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Outdoor Kitchens in Colorado

One of the best parts of Colorado living is finding excuses to get outside and enjoy the fresh mountain air, and that includes cooking, dining, and entertaining! You could add a simple grill and some camping chairs to your patio and have a perfectly nice time (for certain months of the year, at least), but why stop there? When it comes to outdoor kitchens, the possibilities are nearly endless, with options for any budget. So, for a next-level outdoor kitchen that you’ll be proud to call your own, incorporate some of these tips into your space! 

Start with the Perfect Outdoor Grill

The great thing about outdoor cooking is that no matter your budget, it’s easy to turn out mouthwatering meals. Burgers and steaks taste just as delicious cooked on a Weber® Kettle Grill as they do on an innovative Lynx™ SMARTGRILL built into that stone island with concrete countertops you’ve always wanted. 

That said, nothing sets the mood and makes your guests feel more at home while you’re cooking the meal than a comfortable, homey outdoor kitchen. When you’re designing your outdoor kitchen, consider adding some of these features:

  • An ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped kitchen design can include an island for your family and friends to take a seat and chat with you as you make the meal.
  • Add a mini-fridge or wine fridge so side dishes are within reach and the next bottle of wine is always cool and ready to pour.
  • Include storage space for kitchen basics. Outdoor access to a pull-out trash can, grilling tools, and serving dishes is much more convenient than making many trips inside.
  • A sheltered design will let you comfortably use your kitchen all year. There’s plenty of options to fit every need. Consider adding a full or partial roof, or a pergola.

Add Comfortable Seating

The sky’s the limit here and it completely depends on style preferences. What do you like? Do you picture bar seating, a long patio table, small tables spread throughout the space, or comfortable, cushiony lounge furniture that invites your favorite people to sit and stay awhile? We carry an extensive range of Telescope Casual® Furniture to help bring your vision to life!

Stay Warm 

Now, if you live in southern California or sunny Florida, you can probably use your outdoor kitchen comfortably any day of the year. But, lucky for us Coloradans, we get to enjoy all the seasons. With a little planning, that goes for enjoying your outdoor kitchen in all seasons, too. Consider adding one (or more!) of these features to your design to make your outdoor kitchen one of your favorite places year-round:

  • Firepit – Simple or elaborate by design, a firepit is always a great addition to your outdoor area. Add a simple, store-bought firepit to your patio and people will naturally pull their chairs up and happily hang out long after dinner is over. Or, create a larger, built-in, stone firepit for more impact that really complements your outdoor kitchen.
  • Fire Table – Firepit meets dining table, a fire table turns any outdoor space into a show-stopper.
  • Patio Heater – Patio heaters come in a variety of styles these days. You can get tall, freestanding heaters you place on your patio when needed, wall-mounted ones, or heaters that are built directly into the ceiling.
  • Fireplace – Is there anything more cozy than staying warm by the fire while star-gazing? 

Whatever type of outdoor kitchen you’re dreaming of, we carry many of the essential components to bring your vision to life! Come visit us at either our Vail or Frisco showroom and let’s discuss your ideas.