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Plant These Round Your Hot Tub to Promote Relaxation

Your hot tub is your private retreat — an oasis from the stressors of daily life. As is, your hot tub probably feels almost magical, the way it can ease stress and increase relaxation. But, if you want to kick it up a notch, and create a zen-like retreat in your backyard, add some of these plants around your hot tub!


There’s a reason lavender essential oil is added to lotions, baby products, teas, and bath products that are aimed at helping you unwind and sleep better. Lavender is known to lower anxiety, relieve stress, improve sleep, and calm upset babies. Plus, you’ll love the heavenly aroma surrounding you while you enjoy your hot tub soak!


Studies have shown that roses actually increase heart rate and have a positive effect on our mood. In one study, participants reported feeling more comfortable and relaxed at work when there were roses present. As a bonus, your home can be filled with vases of bright, fragrant roses any time you want. In fact, according to Colorado State University, “Colorado roses exhibit some of the most vivid colors seen anywhere in the country.”


Thinking of planting an herb garden this year? Put it near your hot tub! Herbs, especially rosemary have been shown to lower feelings of stress and anxiety. As a bonus, you’ll appreciate having fresh herbs at hand. 

Climbing Vines

Vines, like Jasmine and English Ivy, do double duty. They’re great for adding privacy around your hot tub, plus they’ll raise the relaxation factor. Jasmine promotes better sleep, and you’ll love how far the scent of the fragrant blossoms travel through your yard. English Ivy also helps improve sleep. Plus, it’s a particularly good choice for those with asthma or allergies. 

Whether you place a trellis of climbing vines nearby or arrange planters of herbs or flowers around your hot tub, you’ll love the added relaxation these plants bring to your spa time. Need some more ideas about how to create a relaxing haven with your hot tub? Read the Art of Hot Tub Relaxation next!