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Pool Maintenance Spring Checklist: How Route Service Can Help

Have you seen all the wonderful signs that spring is coming? It is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start considering what pool maintenance you will need to open your pool and prepare for the upcoming swim season. 

Maximum Comfort is here to not only help you make a list of all the things you need and need to do but to also provide the pool services you need to make the job a breeze now and all year round. 

1. Clean Off the Pool Cover and Remove it

The first step in spring pool maintenance is to clean off the pool cover. There will be leaves, debris, and water to remove before taking the cover off. If you neglect this step, you could end up with all of that mess in your pool!

Using a snow blower and a cover pump can help you do this step. You may also want a soft broom to move things at the end. Once everything is out of the way, you can remove your pool cover. 

2. Check all the Pump Parts and Equipment

Once the cover is removed, you can fill the pool back up and turn the pump on. Take this opportunity to check over all of the equipment. Is everything still working as it should? Does anything look like it’s time for a replacement?

So long as everything is in good condition, you can move on. If not, reach out to our experts to get replacements and repairs underway.

3. Clean the Pool 

Now you can begin to clean the pool. Using an automatic vacuum will make this part of the job easier, but you may also need to use a net to remove larger debris. You can also use a brush to loosen things clinging to the sides of the pool.

4. Balance the Pool Water

You will want to start balancing things by adding in shock and chlorine. Use test strips or a test kit to see what else may need to be adjusted. 

You may need to revisit this after another day or so to make sure everything has had time to settle in and work. 

5. Skip all of the Steps and Allow Maximum Comfort to Take Care of Things for You!

If reading this list made you sigh at the thought of adding this work to your to-do list, then let us take care of your pool maintenance for you. We can provide pool services for pool openings and other services all year long so that you never have to think about pool maintenance again.

Signing up for our route service will ensure that our experts are keeping an eye on your pool and spa, even if you are not at home. We can check on things as often as you like as well. 

Reach out today to sign up for route service to ensure that your pool is up and running for this swim season without lifting a finger. We will do all of the work for you and then keep things clean, running, and ready all year.