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The Benefits of a Salt Water Spa for Your Colorado Vacation Home

salt water spa

HotSpring made it easy to keep your spa water clean and sanitized for a full year… thanks to their brand new Freshwater Salt System. By adding salt to your spa water, their new saltwater hot tub system automatically generates the chlorine you need to keep your spa running at its peak. Colorado vacation home hot tub owners will see many other benefits, though, when they choose to own a saltwater spa.

A Salt Water Spa is Gentle on Your Skin and Eyes

Ever stay in a hotel and end up with a rash or irritated eyes after soaking in their hot tub? Yuck! Some people are more sensitive than others. For those customers, our sales team recommends a salt water hot tub in Colorado to avoid irritation. The chlorine generated by HotSpring’s saltwater system prevents chloramines from building up, which keeps your eyes comfortable and your skin soft. This also reduces the risk of dry and cracked skin that we often see when people use harsh chemicals.

Avoid Smelly Spa Water in your Colorado Hot Tub

That distinct “chlorine smell” follows you around after your hot tub soak because it sticks to your skin and hair. However, owning a saltwater hot tub will keep that from happening! The same chloramines that irritate your eyes and skin are the culprits for that odor. Minerals in the salt withstand changes in pH, calcium hardness, and alkalinity… meaning your Colorado spa water smells as great as it feels.

Summit County Hot Tub Owners Love the Increased Water Softness

Our Colorado air can feel so dry, which makes the water feel so good! When you own a salt water hot tub, the spa water feels great on your skin because it’s so soft. The salt system produces a moderate amount of chlorine, which keeps your hot tub water consistently soft. And because salt raises the buoyancy of the water, the entire experience is nothing short of soothing.

HotSpring’s exclusive FreshWater Salt System is an option for all Highlife® Collection and Limelight® Collection spa models. One 3-pack of FreshWater Salt System titanium cartridges gives you a year’s worth of water care. Stop by our Vail or Frisco showroom to see one of these hot tubs for yourself.