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Use Your Sauna All Summer Long

Hitting the sauna is a no brainer when the weather’s cold, but there are a lot of great reasons to use your home sauna year-round, even on warm, sunny days. Here are 4 of the top reasons you should keep using your sauna all summer long. 

Get Better Sleep

Did you know using your Finnleo® sauna before bed helps you sleep better? Not only will the relaxing solitude put you in a better frame of mind to rest, but the heat triggers your body’s sleep rhythm. Naturally, the body drops in temperature when it’s time to sleep. When you sauna bathe, the heat raises your core temperature a few degrees. Then, as your temperature gently falls, it amplifies the natural trigger your body receives every night when it’s time to rest. 

Recover Faster After Working Out

You know that aching, can’t-hardly-drag-yourself-out-of-bed feeling you sometimes get a day or two after working out? Your sauna can help you with that! Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) sets in after a tough workout when you cause micro-tears in your muscles. If you want to improve your performance and build strength, those micro-tears are unavoidable sometimes. But, your sauna can help you heal faster. First, the warmth relaxes tight muscles and brings some pain relief. Then, the heat increases blood flow, which carries an extra boost of healing oxygen that speeds up recovery. 

Ease Stress

Step into your Finnleo sauna and forget about everything else. With the door closed, your Finnleo is a sanctuary where you can relax and recharge. The unplugged peacefulness is stress-relieving on its own. But, in your sauna, there’s more. The heat causes your body to release more endorphins — your natural “feel-good” chemicals. Not only does this help with stress, endorphins also improve your mood.

Clarify Your Skin

Sunscreen, make-up, lotions … they’re good for the skin, but they also leave behind build-up that can clog pores. Plus, there are all the environmental toxins you pick up as you go throughout your day. The deep sweat that happens when you’re sauna bathing clears your pores and detoxes your skin. Unlike regular sweat, which is 99% water, deep sweating has been shown to reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, and chemicals in the body. 

The best way to get all of these benefits is with regular sauna use, and that means owning a sauna. But, Finnleo makes it so easy! There are models to fit every need and budget. From one-person, closet-sized saunas to large outdoor sauna rooms, we have the perfect Finnleo sauna for your home. Contact us with any sauna questions you might have, or let us know if you’re ready to get a Finnleo sauna of your own. Installation is so quick and easy … you can start enjoying your private sauna right away!