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When Should I Schedule Pool Closing Service in Colorado?

When looking at the calendar, the end of the summer is likely one of the last things to come to mind. Regardless, if you own a swimming pool, the time to prepare for the end of the summer is now. Planning for the end of the summer now makes the process of preparing for pool closing service that much easier. 

In fact, the best time to schedule pool closing service is during the summer ahead of the fall rush, before you can feel the days getting shorter and the temps cooling down. If you wait until fall to actually schedule pool closing service, you may find yourself at a disadvantage. It’s best to get on the books well ahead of time – at least a month in advance – before you’ll actually be closing your pool. At that point, you know fall is on the horizon, so you know you’ll need to prepare the pool for winter soon. Some of the tell-tale signs that it’s time for pool closing service include:

Before the Leaves on the Trees Surrounding Your Pool Start to Fall

One of the first signs that fall is on its way, and that pool season is winding down is when the colors of the leaves on the trees are starting to change. At that point, you know it’s time for pool service because once the leaves start falling, they’ll begin to infiltrate the area of the pool. Scheduling pool service before the leaves start falling can be instrumental in helping you save on maintenance costs, as hauling leaves that have piled up out of the pool could be time-consuming. 

Another consequence of allowing leaves to pile up in your pool is that they can stain it if left unattended for too long. By taking care of your pool service early in the fall, you can rest assured that your pool will be in great shape once the spring arrives.

When the Summer Heat Gives Way to Brisk Autumn Temps

For the most part, public swimming pools tend to follow the schedule of operating from Memorial Day in May until Labor Day in the fall. The only exception is likely in the desert or tropical climates like Arizona or Florida. For those of us located in the Rockies, the owners of residential pools benefit from following this schedule, too. 

That’s because when the temperatures decrease, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to comfortably enjoy it. A cold dip in the pool is enjoyable for some, but for the most part, the temperature of the water in the pool during the fall will have you running for the furnace. Once the temperatures begin to fall, scheduling pool service should be on the agenda.

Having a Heater Can Extend Your Pool Season, But Not For Long

No one wants to see the summer end, so people are eager to use every resource available to extend their pool season. One of the resources available for doing so is a pool heater, which could extend your pool season by up to a month. The important thing to remember when it comes to pool heaters is to schedule pool closing service prior to the temperatures reaching freezing levels. 

Neglecting this could lead to the water freezing within the pump and filter during a winter storm should you lose power. The key to avoiding this is making sure the water is always pumping during the winter months, which is easier said than done. By scheduling pool closing service, your only responsibility is making sure you’re ready to use it again during the summertime.

Where to Schedule Pool Closing Service in Colorado

Finding reliable pool closing service is a crucial component of making sure your pool is ready for hosting guests during the summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far for pool closing service that you can rely on. For more information about scheduling pool closing service in Vail, get in touch with our team today!