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Spa Maintenance: How Do I Care for My Vail Vacation Home’s Spa When I’m Away?

Ski season is over and spring low season has arrived. You are packing up, but wait – there are still plenty of springtime activities to do in Vail. You are wondering about spa maintenance, “How do I care for my Vail vacation home’s spa when I’m away?”

The answer is easy. You don’t have to! Even though there are still plenty of things to do in the spring in Vail, our spa maintenance and service team will take care of all your hot tub maintenance needs while you are away.

Some may think that they need to drain their spa before they leave for an extended period of time. However, this is not true. You simply need to make sure your spa’s water is circulating and that the quality of it is being monitored and maintained. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we have built a reputation over the past 40 years for being the best in the Vail area for caring for our customers’ vacation home spas. We know what you expect and we have the experience to provide you with excellent route service.

Spa Maintenance Water Care

Keep hot tub water circulating for proper spa maintenance.

The most important answer to “how do I care for my Vail vacation home’s spa when I’m away” is to keep the water circulating. Stale and stagnant water can make for an unpleasant sight and smell when you return. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa we offer spa service packages. We will keep your spa’s water clear and circulating with the right water care. When you return, you will have nothing to do except relax in your spa’s clean, fresh, and soothing waters.  

Basic maintenance services include water testing, filter cleaning, adjusting the chemical balance and water level, and checking all equipment for any malfunctions. These services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Whatever you need, we can accommodate. And we will provide you with a detailed account after each visit via email. 

We ensure quality water care for your spa while you are away from your vacation home. 

Spa Maintenance Repairs

How do I care for my Vail vacation home’s spa when I’m away if it needs technical service or repairs?

Easy. The technical service team at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa can help. Our technicians are well-trained and have more than 25 years combined experience in the industry. 

They can troubleshoot, diagnose, and provide prompt repairs. 

Our warehouse keeps plenty of replacement parts and components on hand. You never have to worry about whether your hot tub will be in good working condition when you come back.

Spa Maintenance Route Service

Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa route service keeps your Vail vacation home’s spa Clean, Running, and Ready for your return.

How do I care for my Vail vacation home’s spa when I’m away if it needs regular spa maintenance?

Let us do the work for you! Make sure your spa is clean and ready for you by signing up for our regular route service.

Maintaining the quality of your spa’s water is key to keeping your hot tub in excellent condition.  And when you return to your Vail vacation home, you shouldn’t have to worry about the state your spa may be in. 

Regular route service keeps your spa’s water crystal clear, fresh, and circulating at the proper temperature. Whether you are at your vacation home or away, you will rest easy knowing that we understand the maintenance needs of your spa. 

With regular route service we will also do more extensive maintenance work such as: drain and clean, exterior seals and oil treatments, filter replacement, and vinyl cover treatments.

With Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa maintenance and route services your spa is Clean, Running, and Ready for your return. That’s our guarantee to you. Contact us to schedule route service today.