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Spice up your workout with a stability ball and weights

Living a healthy lifestyle pretty much goes hand-in-hand with living in Summit County and the Vail Valley. Here, we love to live outside and be active – skiing, hiking, biking. It’s the Colorado life. But sometimes, because of the weather or other circumstances you need to keep that activity indoors. When that’s the case it’s really handy to have a variety of fitness equipment in your home to keep the blood flowing.

Sure, you can ride a stationary bike, run on your treadmill or use your weight machine. In fact, we encourage it. But if you really want to add variety and interest to your indoor workout, try something unique once in awhile, like a stability ball and weights!

Stability balls are large, usually brightly colored, inflated balls. Some people call them yoga balls. (Some people use them instead of a chair at their desk.) Incorporating it into your workout can increase your core strength and your balance.

Try these exercises to get a full-body workout:

  1. Push-ups: Support your body with your hands on the ball. Bend your elbows and allow your chest to almost touch the ball. Put your legs out straight, and balance on your toes. Push up by straightening your arms while keeping your back flat and hips and shoulders in line. Then lower yourself back down.
  2. Tricep Dip: Put your hands on the ball behind you, with your arms straight and your feet flat in front, knees bent. Lower your body by bending your arms at your elbows and knees until your lower back touches the ball. Then raise yourself back up.
  3. Leg Raise: Lie on your back with your legs straight out in front of you and the ball between your feet. Place your arms and hands by your sides. Lift your legs straight up keeping the ball between your feet, and just slightly lifting your lower back off the floor. Lower your legs back down.

Want even more variety? While sitting on the ball and balancing, incorporate weights into your routine by doing your normal free weight arm exercises. The options are nearly endless, really. Do you have even more ideas? Share them with us on Facebook!

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