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Steamy Valentine’s Day Present: A Sauna

Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year with everything going on in the world. So, you’ll probably want to get a little creative with your Valentine’s Day plans and presents. Round out your fancy dinner and plans at home with a steamy Valentine’s Day present: a sauna.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day are so last year. Flowers will die and chocolates will get eaten. Your valentine deserves a gift that keeps on giving, and you’ll find that gift with a sauna. 

A sauna isn’t just a one-time gift; you can use it all year round. Plus, it’ll provide some amazing health benefits, such as:

  • Pain reduction
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental health
  • Weight loss
  • Slowed aging process
  • Boosted immune system 
  • And more!

As you can see, a sauna is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your partner will appreciate it much more than any of the typical Valentine’s Day gifts you could give them. 

Give the gift of alone time.

Has your partner ever said they just wish they had more time alone? Away from the kids or a quiet retreat to get their mind off work? A sauna is the perfect place to give your partner some alone time. All they have to do is close the door and it’s complete serenity. 

Make space for quality time.

Although alone time is great, are you spending enough quality time with your loved one? Research shows that spending quality time with your partner is the best way to ensure a happy relationship that lasts, and St. Valentine would be sure to approve. Saunas are such a great space for quality time, it’s customary in Finland. 

With a sauna, you’ll have your own personal getaway for you and your partner. Spend time each night catching up with each other and talking about your day. Listen to a podcast or some music together while relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Have a special date night after a home-cooked or ordered-in meal. The possibilities are endless.

Many of our saunas come with clear doors. That means that you can have a date night at home without a babysitter. Set the kids up for some play time right in view of your sauna. When you’re not having a date night, they could even join you for some quality family time.

Don’t delay — get your Valentine’s gift today!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Now that you know what steamy Valentine’s Day present to get your loved one, don’t wait any longer. At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we can help fit you with the perfect Finnleo sauna. Choose from one of three heat types: traditional saunas, infra-saunas, or far-infrared saunas. Then, choose the size and model that’s right for your home. 

If you’re ready to buy that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, give us a call at 970-949-6339. Or, you can visit us at our Vail County or Summit County locations. We can’t wait to help make your gift this year something special!