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Step up Your Fitness Game with a Hot Tub

How would you like a boost that will help you hit all your fitness goals? Look no further than your hot tub! You probably love sinking into your hot tub to de-stress or relax after a long day, but if you’re not also using it to step up your fitness game, you’re missing out. Here’s how your hot tub is about to become your fitness BFF. 

Soak Before Your Workout

When you settle back into those massaging jets, the warm water gets your blood pumping and warms up your muscles. You know the importance of stretching to avoid injury, but did you know that it’s safest to warm up your muscles before you stretch? You could walk, cycle, or go for a light job, but your hot tub is just as effective…and more enjoyable! As your circulation increases and your muscles get warm, your body will be ready for stretches and then exercise. You can even do some light stretches in the hot tub!

Enjoy a Soak After Your Workout

You may be tempted to hit the hot tub immediately after a tough workout, but give yourself a few minutes to cool first. Rehydrate, let your muscles cool down, and allow your heart rate to return to normal. You could finish your workout with a gentle cooldown, like stretches or a walk. Or, hit the juice bar for a hydrating pick-me-up. Then, climb into your hot tub for a soothing soak. Not only will it recharge you and get you ready to finish your day, but the warm water will increase circulation to your muscles to jump-start recovery. 

24-48 Hours After Your Workout

You know the feeling. You go to bed feeling strong the day after your workout, but you leave bed hobbling the next morning, wondering why you’re so sore! That unwelcome, but familiar feeling is a result of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). A tough workout creates microtears in your muscles. As they heal, your muscles become stronger and larger so they can handle the new demand. But, that healing process isn’t painless. That’s why you feel tender and sore…your body is fixing what you broke down with exercise.

When you feel DOMS set in, that’s the prime time to take a soak in your hot tub! Not only will the warm water provide some pain relief, but it will increase blood flow to the microtears, aiding your body in recovery.

90-Minutes Before Bed

You know getting enough sleep is ideal for your body. In fact, while you sleep, your body makes muscle-building hormones. But, if you don’t get enough sleep, your body can’t complete this process and perform like it’s designed. Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, that probably sounds impossible. However, your hot tub could help! 

To get the benefits, enjoy a soak about 90 minutes before you plan to go to bed. The warm water will relax you, ease pain and tension, and relax your muscles. Even more importantly, it will raise your core temperature. Naturally, our bodies cool down as night falls and we approach time to sleep. By raising your temperature a few degrees in your hot tub, you amplify this cooling process once you get out of the water. The cooldown triggers your natural response to feel tired. You’ll fall asleep easier, experience deeper sleep, and wake up feeling better rested!

Whatever your fitness goals, a hot tub can be a vital addition to your routine! Wondering what other benefits a hot tub offers? Read this to learn about the types of ailments a hot tub is good for.