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Stop Fooling Around and Buy a Hot Tub

Have you been on the fence about getting a spa? Stop fooling around and buy the hot tub you’ve been waiting for! You could already be taking advantage of the fantastic benefits of hydrotherapy. What benefits, you ask? Well, here are just a few things you’re missing out on.

Lower Stress

The long-term effects of chronic stress are no joke. It can be harmful to your whole body, from your mood to your cardiovascular health to even shrinking parts of your brain. But regular hot tub soaks can help you manage stress. Your hot tub can become your daily retreat, where you get to be outside, relax, get a massage, and decompress.

Pain Relief

Whether you’re dealing with the pain of chronic disease, an injury, or soreness from a tough workout, your hot tub is a great place to find relief. How does a relaxing hot tub soak work its magic? In three ways. First, the buoyancy of the water reduces stress on your joints. As you immerse in the water, you become almost weightless. In fact, for your joints, it’s as if you’ve just lost 90% of your body weight. That weightlessness gives your joints a break from doing their normal job of supporting your body, allowing pain to diminish.

Second, the warm water increases your circulation. As blood flow increases, it carries an extra dose of oxygen throughout your body. Why does this matter? Well, greater blood flow and oxygen is the natural way your body goes to work healing itself. When your circulation increases, it will ease pain and numbness in your muscles and extremities.

Finally, the massaging jets provide targeted relief. Knots in your shoulders, back pain, or a tension headache? Your hot tub jets can help!

Better Sleep

Millions of Americans struggle with sleep issues. And if you’re one of them, be encouraged by this: Soaking in a hot tub 90 minutes before bed can help you sleep better! Not only does the warm water relax you and give your mind a chance to calm before bed, but by raising your core temperature it triggers your body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Deeper Relationships

Want to spend more quality time with your kids? Enjoy quiet, intimate moments with your spouse more frequently? Get more phone-free, distraction-free time with your loved ones? You need a hot tub!

Kids and adults alike love hot tub soaks. Your children (even teenagers) will be happy to put aside their devices and join you for a soak after dinner or on family game night. When it comes to your friends, invite them over for a hot tub party once, and they’ll probably try to talk you into making it a weekly occurrence. For you and your partner, a hot tub is the ideal private retreat. Whether you start each morning with coffee and a hot tub soak, or end your evening together talking about your day while star-gazing, you’ll love how installing a hot tub in your backyard ushers in endless chances for quality time with the ones you love.

With all these reasons, plus the Hot Spring® Spas Rebate that’s available on select Hot Spring hot tubs happening now through 3/31/2020, right now is a great time to get your new hot tub. If you have any other questions about hot tub benefits or ownership, come see us!

So what are you waiting for? Stop fooling around and buy the hot tub you’ve been dreaming of!