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Super-Fast Ways to Ease After Workout Soreness

Sore muscles are the price you pay for a vigorous fitness routine, but there are ways a hot tub can help ease after workout soreness.

How a Hot Tub Can Help After a Workout

Heat up your sore muscles after a workout. You don’t want to hop into a hot tub because cooling down is an important part of your fitness routine. However, using a hot tub several hours after your workout is done will drastically help ease any sore muscles you still have. “Muscle tightness is a cause of increased pain for many people, and stimulating the blood flow and loosening up sore muscles with heat can help speed up the healing process,” says Samantha Clayton, ACE- and AFAA-certified personal trainer.

Other options to help after a workout include an ice bath to ease sore muscles or a snack of pineapple. Surprisingly, pineapple and tart cherries are both proven to reduce inflammation.

Use a Hot Tub the Day After a Workout

The day after an intense workout, use your hot tub and take advantage of its hydromassage features. “Massage is a great treatment for sore muscles,” Clayton says. HotSpring hot tubs are designed for the very best massage experience, which is ideal for sore muscles. Their jets are designed for specific muscle groups, and they deliver powerful streams of water that you can customize to your desired pressure.

The next generation of the original Moto-Massage jet, the Moto-Massage DX, produces two powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back. Check it out!

Make sure you stay on your feet in the days following an intense workout. Laying on the couch for a day of Netflix might sound like a good idea, but it could make your muscles feel worse. When you use your muscles for regular activity, it helps avoid soreness.

Hot tubs are great for after workout soreness. However, there are so many additional health benefits of owning a HotSpring hot tub in Colorado. Check it out today, and feel free to stop by our Vail or Frisco showrooms to see one for yourself.