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The Best Upgrades for Your Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub is magnificent! Upgrading a hot tub makes it even more appealing for a relaxing massage. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has reached a special milestone this year — 40 consecutive years of excellent service. We have seen much growth and advancement in the pool and spa industry during the past four decades. The technology, water systems and care, and various accessories available for hot tubs just continue to get better with time. Let one of our experienced friendly staff help you find the best upgrades for your hot tub. 

Tremendous Technology

The convenience of modern technology makes life easier in so many ways. Even aquatic activities, like swimming or soaking in a hot tub, can now include many different forms of technology that can enhance the experience. Hot tub enjoyment is available at your fingertips. 

Sound System

A Hot Spring® sound system with Bluetooth® wireless technology is a wonderful upgrade for your Hot Spring® spa. You can set the mood for a romantic date with your personally-chosen playlists. If you’re spending an evening with friends in the hot tub, live music on the sound system is always fun. Family time can also be enhanced with family favorites playing in the background. 

Wireless Monitor

The Hot Spring® Spas 22” HD wireless monitor is another terrific upgrade that every hot tub deserves. The 1080P screen resolution has a clear, beautiful picture. A sturdy frame and mounting equipment make this monitor a great addition to your hot tub. Having an outdoor, HDMI-capable TV screen gives many possibilities for visual entertainment. Watch episodes of your favorite shows while enjoying a full-body massage before a good night’s sleep. Unwind from a stressful work week with a family movie night in the hot tub. 

Wonderful Water System

There are many hot tubs and upgrades on the market. Some of our Hot Spring® spa collections, the Highlife® and Limelight®, have an option other spas cannot offer: a FreshWater® Salt System. This amazing system helps the hot tub water maintain its cleanliness and sanitation for a whole year. The salt water system reduces the need to frequently drain and refill the spa for cleaning purposes. This means less maintenance on your part and more time to relax and soak. Fewer chemicals means less odor, and the salt water is much gentler on skin. Your body and your hot tub will thank you for this upgrade that will benefit your health and the health of the spa. 

Useful Upgrades

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we sell high-quality spas that are top of the line. We also carry Freeflow® spa accessories and Hot Spring® steps, covers & lifters that are convenient and practical upgrades as well. A cover for the spa helps to keep the temperature inviting, plus it prevents evaporation. Keeping out unwanted critters and debris is another bonus of a hot tub cover. A cover lifter makes maneuvering the cover quick and easy. It also lessens damage to the cover with its automated movement. Steps into the swirling water make entrance safer and easier. Don’t forget to upgrade the hot tub with these essential items.

There is no time like the present to get the best upgrades for your hot tub! Visit us today at our Vail or Frisco store, and we will help you perfect your at-home relaxation retreat.