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The Best Valentine’s Date in your Backyard

If you ask us, there’s no better date night than a hot tub date night. But, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, when it’s time to pull out your ‘A’ game and wow your partner, your hot tub will help you make it a slam dunk! For the BEST Valentine’s date in your very own backyard, here’s what to do. 

Set the Mood

You could simply turn on the porch light and head to the hot tub, but when you want the moment to convey your feelings, you’ve got to step things up. To do that, plan ahead to set a romantic mood. Put together a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs, or all the ones you’ve ever danced to together, or the band you first saw in concert. You get the idea; make it meaningful. 

Then, set up the lighting. Line the walk with paper lanterns, string up twinkly lights, gather up candles, or light the fireplace. This would also be a great time to set out flowers or sprinkle rose petals along the path to the hot tub. 

Don’t forget to think of aromatherapy, too. Hot tub-approved scents will make your soak feel sensual and intimate. 

Food and Drink

Chill the champagne, fruit juices, or a few bubbly drinks in advance. When it comes to food, think small bites. An antipasto platter or dessert tray would be perfect. Or, stop by the bakery for chocolates, truffles, cookies, or chocolate-covered fruit. 

Pull Out All the Stops

There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to go over-the-top and spoil your favorite person. Consider hiring a masseuse to give you a couple’s massage. Bring in a personal chef to prepare a mouthwatering meal before your hot tub soak. Or present your partner with a memorable gift while you’re in the hot tub. 


With these tips and tricks, this Valentine’s date will be one they’ll remember forever! Stop by and visit one of our showrooms before the big night. We’ve got all sorts of supplies to make your night a success, from a Bluetooth speaker for your hot tub to lanterns and firepits that will help you set the mood.