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The Freeflow Spa Difference

Whether you’ve just started hot tub shopping or you’ve been shopping for a while, one thing is for certain: you’ve figured out that not all hot tubs are the same. Jets. Jet configurations. Seating arrangements. Lighting. Water features. Energy-saving features. There’s really just so much to consider and compare.

But we’ve placed a solid bet there’s one thing you really haven’t given much time or attention to: the hot tub shell.

Quality Shell

Most hot tubs on the market today feature an acrylic shell inside a wooden or plastic cabinet. These are fine, quality hot tubs. But Freeflow hot tubs bring something unique to the market that offers superior strength and stability – rotational molding and unibody construction.

You see, with Freeflow, polyethylene resin is poured into the hot tub mold. As the mold is heated and spun, the resin melts and coats the inside of the mold. The result is a hot tub where the shell, frame and cabinet are all one piece. It’s strong, durable, and uses less materials than the traditional manufacturing process.

Another great benefit of this manufacturing process is that the resulting hot tub is lightweight, so you can actually move it around. That’s why Freeflow is known as the portable spa solution! Want to move it across your backyard, or from one home to another?  Simply drain it, move it, and refill it.

You’ll also find that spas created in this fashion stand up better to chips, dents and breakage. That means fewer repairs over your time of ownership – another cost savings.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Freeflow offers spas in a variety of sizes, so if you’re looking for a cozy set up for the deck outside your master suite or larger model to hold all your friends, we have you covered. Stop by either of our locations to learn more!