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The hot tub date night secrets you need to know

Vail mountain is hopping this time of year. The powder is deep and tourists – first-timers, and those who return year after year – are everywhere. And while it’s great for our local economy, those of us who maintain year-round homes here, or spend a significant amount of time in our vacation homes, well, we occasionally want a break from the crowds.

And that often means staying in.

But staying in doesn’t have to be boring. And it doesn’t have to mean another night with Netflix. After all, you have a great Hot Spring or Freeflow hot tub right out your back door! Why not create a romantic date night in – with your home spa as the centerpiece? These tips can help set the mood:


Mixing alcohol and hot tubs really isn’t a great idea, but one glass of champagne or your favorite wine wouldn’t come amiss. (Just be sure to serve it in plastic!) Non-alcoholic cocktails, cold water and fruit juices are also a good idea.


You know the right music can set the mood. Cue up your hot tub’s sound system with a romantic playlist that’s filled with special tunes, and your night will be off to a great start.


Try adding special aromatherapy crystals, specifically made for hot tubs, to your spa water to help set the mood. Scents that include jasmine, geranium and peppermint are known to boost the romantic spirit.


Of course, you’ll want to use the LED lighting in your hot tub to help set the scene. But you’ll want to consider surrounding lights, too. Twinkle lights and candles are great choices. String the twinkle lights in the surrounding trees, or place candles on nearby ledges or tables. And one other thing – be sure to turn off the harsh outdoor lights and motion lights!


Your quality spa offers one of the best massages around. But when romance is what you’re after, a traditional massage is something you should consider. Giving your partner a lovely shoulder and neck rub while you’re both in the warm, soothing water is something you’ll both enjoy, we promise.

Ready to plan your romantic date night, but want a little spa-upgrade first? Come see us in Vail or Frisco, and we’ll find the perfect jacuzzi for you!