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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Hot Tub In Summit County

Are you searching for the perfect hot tub to complete your gorgeous Colorado home? You’ve come to the right place to end your search. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, Colorado’s experts in pool and spa, fitness, and outdoor living, has been helping the great people of Colorado with their backyard leisure amenities for 40 years. Our faithful customers know that our hot tubs for Summit County and Eagle County are top of the line. Here is the ultimate guide to finding the best hot tub in Summit County.

Determine the Dependability of the Dealer

A hot tub purchase is not one that you enter into lightly. You want to invest in a long-term form of ultimate relaxation, which means you want to know that your money is being well spent. You might be wondering, “Am I buying a hot tub from a dependable dealer?” Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa can put your mind at ease. 

We are an authorized and certified dealer for Hot Spring® Spas. This universally-recognized manufacturer has put their stamp of approval on our stores. Our satisfied customers will tell you that our products are worth your investment.

Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th year in the pool and spa industry. With all of these years of experience and excellent reputation, you know you can rely on us. Our well-renowned route services are highly sought after in Vail and Frisco.

Pick Products that Are Premier

As you are reading and researching to find the perfect hot tub, you will need to know how to identify a quality hot tub. We offer a hot tub buyers guide to help you with this important process.

Innovative Hot Tubs Are Irresistible

At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we sell Hot Spring® spas and Freeflow® spas. Hot Spring hot tubs have been offering at-home relaxation for several decades. Their energy efficiency and innovation keep them popular. Freeflow hot tubs are known for their remarkable plug-n-play technology. Their versatility makes them convenient and comfortable all in one.

Our knowledgeable staff can discuss the unique features that each hot tub style offers. Some are designed for just you and your special someone. Others are designed for group gatherings. No matter which one you choose, you will love the hydrotherapy and health benefits you can enjoy 24/7.

Testing the Jets is Terrific

One invaluable thing that we provide at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is the opportunity to test soak the hot tubs that are at the top of your wish list. This is a wonderful way to experience the jets and their massaging magic for yourself. You can test out the seats and foot bed, and you can experiment with the controls as well to familiarize yourself with them. It’s the best way to narrow down your choice and have complete confidence in your purchase.

Upgrade Your Hot Tub for Ultimate Enjoyment

As you work your way through this helpful guide, we are now getting to the exciting part where the hot tub customizing takes place. When you’re looking for the best upgrades for your hot tub, we have the perfect hot tub upgrades right here in Frisco and Vail. 

Try Tremendous Technology

The first upgrade to consider is some form of modern technology. There are sound systems and screens that are sure to enhance your hot tub enjoyment

A Hot Spring® sound system with Bluetooth® wireless is something that you can use for any occasion in the hot tub. Need some extra romance for a date night? Make a playlist of your special someone’s favorite songs. Need some entertainment for family or friends? Music is sure to add fun to the hot tub experience. 

The Hot Spring® Spas 22” HD wireless monitor is another great item to consider adding to your hot tub setup. Your family movie night can be spent in the hot tub sometimes to switch it up. You can also take some time for yourself. Shut off the chaos of a busy day, and just relax and watch your favorite show while enjoying a therapeutic massage.

Study Salt Water Systems

Some of the Highlife® and Limelight® spas in our Hot Spring® collections of hot tubs are compatible with a FreshWater® Salt System. This amazing water system is popular for many reasons. 

Not only is the salt water gentler on your skin and nose, it also helps to keep the spa clean and the water sanitary for an entire year. Let one of our staff help you with your study on the benefits of a salt water system upgrade for your hot tub.

Add Accessories for Added Pleasure

The final step for you to cover from our guide is accessorizing your hot tub anytime you have the urge. Here are some hot tub accessories you definitely need for added pleasure while you’re soaking. For your convenience, we have Hot Spring® accessories and Freeflow Spa® accessories for you to select from.

Sturdy Steps Say Safety

Start by making sure that you have a sturdy entry point into your hot tub. You can choose your favorite color and style of steps to make the appearance perfect. This will also give you peace of mind that entering and exiting the spa will be simple and safe.

LED Lights Lead to Lively Leisure

Don’t forget to look into the LED lighting options available for your hot tub. Lights add to any soaking experience. Whether you’re soaking in solitude, with your sweetheart, or together with several people, the lights are a perfect accessory all around.

Pillows Provide a Little Pampering

Spa pillows are another accessory you will want to have on hand. A pillow is a great way to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a more comfortable spa session.

Remember to Have a Robe or Towel Ready

Finally, remember that you will eventually need to leave the water to return to reality. Having a robe or towel ready for your exit is important.

You made it successfully through the ultimate guide to finding the best hot tub in Summit County. Congratulations! Contact us anytime you need a hot tub, an upgrade, or an accessory. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is THE hot tub dealer that you can trust.