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Top 3 Must Have Features for your Pool

When investing in an inground pool for your backyard, you are investing in your family and your future, so you want to be sure that you have every feature available to make your pool more convenient for you and your family. Here are three features that you may not have considered for your pool, but are sure to make your pool more enjoyable.


Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is a shallow “shelf” at the perimeter of your pool that is approximately 4-8 feet in length and very in depth from 3” to 18” depending on your preference. You’ve probably seen them at hotels and may even think that a tanning ledge or sun shelf is something that is only found at high-end resort pools, but they are actually becoming much more common in backyard pools. The convenience of a tanning ledge goes much further than simply a delightful place to tan, although they are great for that too. Having a very shallow pool area is perfect for families too. Whether you need a place to relax while being in arms reach of your kids or if you have a little one who loves the water, but isn’t ready to swim with the big fish just yet, a tanning ledge is perfect for you. Tanning ledges also make a great place for pampered pets and let’s be honest, they make your pool look great too!


Sports pool

A sports or play style pool is a unique pool layout that is gaining popularity, because of its convenience. These pools essentially have 2 shallow ends. Rather than having a traditional shallow end on one side and deep end on the other; sports pools have a shallow end on both sides and a deeper area in the middle. This is an ideal set up for people who enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and other sports in the pool, but it is also convenient for the family pool. More shallow space means more room for the kids to play, without totally giving up on deep water. It also creates safer swimming because a shallow area is always nearby. Commonly, these pools will have depths that follow a 3’-5’-4’ pattern, but your contractor can totally customize the depths to fit your family’s needs. Aside from the convenience and safety that this style of pool can offer your family, these pools also have fewer gallons of water than a traditional pool which will save you money on heating costs and chemicals.


In pool table and seating

The final feature that you may not have thought of, but might be perfect for your family, is an in pool table with seating. This is a great option if your family likes to spend the whole day poolside. It offers a fun refreshing place to enjoy a snack or lunch. In areas of extreme heat an in pool table can be the perfect way to keep cool while still enjoying a meal outside. If that’s not enough to convince you to get an in pool table, they are also great for playing cards and other games. This can take your pool to a whole new level of fun. Just picture it, a hot summer evening with the adults sitting in the pool playing cards at the table while the kids swim at the other end. An in pool table is definitely a unique feature that can take your pool to the next level.

Whether you choose a tanning ledge, a sports style pool, an in pool table or a combination of the three, these features are sure to make your pool more convenient. Just be prepared these features will also make your pool the talk of the town. Come visit us at Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa and let us show you why spectacular custom built in-ground pools have become our signature.

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