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Here’s the Top 4 Fitness Equipment to Keep in Your Vacation Home

There are many perks to having a vacation home in the Central Rockies. Having a home away from home is a feeling that can’t quite be put into words. For this reason, you want to have all of the comforts of home in both places. Maybe it’s time to get some new items for the gym at your Vail oasis. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa can help you find the perfect additions for this upgrade. Here’s the top 4 fitness equipment to keep in your vacation home.

Quality equipment makes all the difference when it comes to exercising at home. We carry Precor® Home Fitness which is some of the best available on the market. Let’s look at some great pieces to include in your at-home gym.

1 – Try a Treadmill

First, there is nothing quite like a traditional treadmill to start your collection of top fitness equipment. It is wonderful to have the ability to walk or run indoors when the weather isn’t cooperating outdoors. 

These treadmills offer a smooth, low-impact landing for each step you take along with the feeling of a natural run or jog motion. You can also customize your workout to your liking. Set your pace and add inclines or other challenges as you develop your favorite routines. A treadmill might just be the most fun exercise equipment to begin an exercise routine. 

2 – Experiment with an Elliptical

Next, in your search for the best fitness equipment, you can experiment with one of these excellent ellipticals. These machines helped to revolutionize the world of exercise at the close of the 20th century and are still just as groundbreaking today. 

An elliptical machine is popular for many reasons. They offer low-impact exercise, which is great for the joints. An elliptical machine also delivers an invigorating cardiovascular workout and helps you target specific muscles as you exercise. 

3 – Benefit from a Bike

Another great addition to any exercise room is a stationary bike. Athletes benefit from a bike because of its capability to strengthen the legs and lower body. Bikes are useful for extensive training and therapy. 

4 – Workout with Weights

Finally, here’s the last of the top 4 fitness equipment to keep in your vacation home – weights. This is a staple item that is found in most gyms. Weight training is beneficial in many ways. You can start with small weights and work your way up. Workout enthusiasts use weights for muscle building and fat burning. Using weights can also help to strengthen bones and joints while improving heart health.


Across the Vail Valley, Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa is recognized as a specialist in helping families find what they need for their recreational and leisure activities for the most comforting place on earth – home. Pool service and hot tub service in Vail is just where our excellent customer service reputation begins.

We understand that everyone’s ideas of relaxation and recreation are different. Certainly, at-home fitness is something that can be advantageous for anyone. Contact us or stop by one of our two stores. We can help you locate the fitness equipment you will love having available every time you visit this area.