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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Sauna

An in-home sauna is a wonderful investment for your home, your health, and your happiness. Sauna health benefits continue to amaze those who study them. Doctors are recommending sauna sessions more and more. Something about a deep sweat from heat bathing relaxes the body and mind and rejuvenates a person. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa strongly believes in the quality and benefits of the world-renown Finnleo® saunas. And today, we want to share the top reasons why you should buy a sauna.

Improve Your Overall Wellness

Sitting in a sauna seems like such a simple yet relaxing activity to enjoy. The wonderful thing about a sauna is that it naturally improves your overall wellness as you’re sitting and enjoying the quiet time. There are so many ways that you can boost wellness with a sauna

Eradicate Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is very real and very harmful to the body. A sauna is an all-natural stress release mechanism that you can have at your home. The heat the sauna offers reduces cortisol levels and increases serotonin levels — making emotions shift direction. You begin to feel yourself relax and unwind, letting the stress go. 

Build Up the Brain and Immune System

Studies have shown that sauna time helps reduce the likelihood of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other such disorders. Common illnesses can also be warded off with regular sauna time. The heat produces a greater number of white blood cells that fight off and eradicate germs. 

Improve Your Regular Workout

Warming up before an exercise session is vital. Why not warm up in the sauna? Using a sauna to get the most out of your workout is a magnificent plan. You can get your blood flowing and your joints loosened before you stretch. Doing your stretches in a sauna can be relaxing, and you will be warming up your body in preparation for a good workout. Extended stretches might also be a plus of taking care of this step in the sauna.  

Working out is exhilarating and rejuvenating. Sore muscles are a natural part of strenuous exercise. As different muscles receive stretching and strengthening from new attention, a soreness from micro tears is quick to follow in the next day or two. Using a sauna can help remove the discomfort of the strained muscles. 

Having a sauna in your home gym or somewhere at your house is perfect for this reason. As soon as your workout is complete, you can immediately head to the sauna. Your body’s blood flow is the natural healing agent for the inevitable micro tears and sore muscles. Heat bathing speeds up your heart rate and circulatory system. Your blood fills with abundant amounts of oxygen, and the micro tears begin to correct themselves before the intense soreness can set in.

Improve Your Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

Countless people suffer from seasonal allergies. Drippy eyes, a stuffy nose, and a scratchy throat are inconvenient visitors when spring brings its lovely, blossoming fauna back to life. But don’t worry. You can ward off springtime allergies with a sauna

Allergic reactions are actually triggered by the immune system. The immune system senses the presence of some dust or pollen and begins to try to build up an immune response. As this happens, the miserable symptoms of allergy season ensue. As allergy season approaches, you can prepare by spending time daily in the sauna. A Finnleo® Far-Infrared Sauna or Finnleo® Infra-Sauna are ideal for this. Studies have shown that infrared saunas can prevent or improve the symptoms of common allergies. The heat of a sauna removes toxins and boosts immunity — two things that allergy sufferers need.

Improve Your All-Around Health

One final reason you should buy a sauna is for the therapeutic benefits it provides for your all-around health and the health of those you love. Read about 5 health benefits of regular home sauna use to solidify your desire to own a sauna. 

Cardiovascular Benefits

For those who are unable to do strenuous physical exercise, a sauna is a great alternative for heart health boosting. A session in the sauna produces the effects that a moderate workout does, even burning calories. It increases heart rate while lowering blood pressure. Arteries also benefit from time heat bathing. Stress relief, mentioned above, is one more perk of sauna time.

Pain Relief Benefits

Pain is not enjoyable. There are several things that cause pain that are uncontrollable. Arthritis and other chronic pain, moving incorrectly and pulling muscles, or being involved in a car or sports accident are just a few examples. Soaking in a sauna can give some much needed relief from pain. Having an in-home sauna is great because you can visit as often as you need to to lessen discomfort.

Exercise routines are planned, but active people understand that pain will be a result. If you are unable to sit in a sauna directly after a workout as stated above, get to the sauna as soon as you are able. The increased blood flow the heat bath offers will begin the natural healing of sore, stressed muscles.

Sleep Benefits

There is nothing like an uninterrupted night of sleep. If the sandman doesn’t visit you often to get you to sleep, a sauna can help. Sitting in the sauna just before you plan to retire is ideal. Your body heat will be raised and begin the relaxation process you desire. The silence and seclusion will help your brain to turn off stress and relax also. Then when you head to bed, your body will be completely calm. This is conducive to deep sleep. 

Although these are a few of our favorite top reasons why you should buy a sauna, there are so many more! Finnleo® saunas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa staff can help you find the perfect one for the unique space your home affords. Whether set in a closet, on a porch, or as an addition to your bathroom, there is no wrong place to add a heat-bathing oasis. Contact us today to discuss your options. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is available to get your sauna ordered and headed your way.