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Trade in your old hot tub and trade up to a new Hot Spring Spa

Trade-ins. For some purchases, like autos, we pretty much consider them standard operating procedure. But did you know you can trade in your old hot tub, too? If you have an older spa model or you started with a basic hot tub and you’re ready for something a little more luxurious, now is the perfect time to trade in (or up) to a Hot Spring Spa from Maximum Comfort.

Don’t believe us? Let this list convince you …

  1. Energy Efficient and Better for the Environment: Even when compared to hot tubs that are just a few years old, new Hot Spring hot tubs use significantly less energy, costing about $15-$35 a month to operate, on average.


  1. Cleaner Water, Without the Hassle: Hot Spring’s exclusive ACE Salt Water System gives you clean, sanitized water without the chemicals that are bad for the environment and harsh on your skin.


  1. Jets, Jets, Jets: On the newest models, jets offers a variety of motions and actions designed to target specific areas of your body. From powerful streams of water that sweep up and down your back, to precision jets that work together in clusters to target trouble spots and more, you’ll get the best massage of your life in a new Hot Spring Spa.


  1. Peace and Quiet: Hot Spring Spas offer quiet operation when they’re cleaning, filtering and heating. Bet you can’t say that about your old hot tub.


  1. Beautiful Styling: Let’s be honest. Older hot tub models show their age with boxy styling and dark colors. New models showcase sleek European styling, vibrant colors that highlight water depth and lighting features, and more.


  1. The Fun Stuff: LED lighting. Water features. Entertainment systems. You may not purchase a spa for these features alone, but they add to the enjoyment you’ll experience. If you’re upgrading, why not get absolutely everything you want?

Are you ready to take the first step to upgrading your spa experience? Contact us today!

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