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Trust Our Summit County Service Professionals with Your Spa

Having a spa to access whenever you feel like it is a dream come true! Trusting the maintenance of your spa to professionals makes the dream that much better. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa is celebrating our 40th year in the pool and spa industry this year. Our superior spa route service is highly sought after in the Vail Valley. Let us keep your spa ever-ready for a relaxing soak. Here are several reasons why you can trust our Summit County service professionals with your spa. 


Superior Service

We have over 60 trained, certified professionals who make service calls for our two stores. With more than 30 service vehicles on the road, we are able to cover a lot of ground. In fact, our technicians perform over 1,000 services per week. This means we are able to complete over 50,000 services in just one year. Summit County spas are in great hands with our Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa team.


Respectable Reputation

Years of experience result in many things. One thing that we have gained is expertise in the spa world. Our excellent customer service is something that we are proud of. Our customers love the services we provide for their spas. They eagerly spread the word to their friends and family.

We regularly receive satisfied customer reviews that speak for themselves. Our route services stay in demand throughout the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Locals love the regularity of spa checks by our qualified staff. Vacation home owners contact our team to get their spa ready for their getaways. 


Meaningful Mission

Our professional technicians know exactly what needs to be done on each service visit that they make. The teams move with precision and agility. We proudly use the slogan, “Clean, running, ready!” This concisely describes our meaningful mission. 

A clean spa is the first priority. Next, our trained professionals carefully inspect your spa to ensure that everything is running as it should. The first two items on the list naturally result in the third — ready. When your spa gets this excellent treatment, all you need to do is to be ready to enjoy its benefits.


Digital Documentation 

Another perk of having our team care for your spa is the care that we take to document each visit. Our service teams photograph the spa at the completion of each service call. Then they email the photos, including the dates and locations, directly to the homeowners. This gives you confidence that your spa is ready for relaxation.


Rapid Response 

The final reason to trust our Summit County service professionals with your spa is that your spa is our priority. Our service professionals are known for their rapid response times. Route service customers love the quick and efficient care their spas receive. 

If your spa needs some type of technical service, you can count on a fast answer to your dilemma. Our trained technicians will come and diagnose the problem and get your spa back to its important work — allowing you to step away from the stresses of the day to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Contact our Summit County store today to experience our excellent spa services for yourself!