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Ward off Winter Colds With a Sauna!

A cold is never fun. But in 2020, getting sick is an especially no good, very bad thing, as author Judith Viorst might say. Any kind of sniffle will have you taking stock of symptoms and maybe fighting a little flare of alarm. Plus, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get you banned from polite society until you’re 100% recovered. For those reasons and more, wouldn’t you rather just avoid catching a cold altogether? A home sauna can help you do that! Really, you can ward off winter colds with a sauna. 


When you hit the sauna for a sweat session, you may just be conscious of the way the warmth eases muscle pains, relaxes you, and causes a skin-clarifying sweat. But the benefits of that heat are deep on a cellular level. Using your sauna causes your core temperature to be elevated. In essence, it’s like faking a fever. That’s a good thing. As the University of Rochester puts it, “Fever is not an illness … Fever stimulates the body’s defenses, sending white blood cells and other ‘fighter’ cells to fight and destroy the cause of the infection.”

Using a sauna has a similar effect. The heat warms your core temperature, stimulating white blood cell production and boosting your immune system overall. According to Dr. Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, MD, PhD., in his book, “The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees,” raising body temperature by 1℃ (a little less than 2 degrees Fahrenheit) can increase immunity by up to 40%. 

The key to seeing impressive results is to regularly use your sauna. You’ll keep your white blood count high and your immune system revved up. Then, when you inevitably encounter viruses and germs, your body will be better prepared to ward off colds.

As a bonus, using a sauna lowers cortisol and helps relieve stress. This is important because chronic stress harms the immune system.

So, by making sauna sessions a regular part of your routine, the heat will increase white blood cell production and boost your immune system. It will also relieve stress, which protects your immune system from damage on that front. Who knew something as fun and relaxing as a daily sauna session could pack such a powerful punch for wellness? 

Do you have a home sauna of your own yet? That’s the best way to take advantage of all of these benefits. You’ll be able to use your sauna any time of the day or night that fits into your schedule. We’ve got a Finnleo® Sauna with your name on it! Bring one home and a year-round healthy immune system is just one of the great benefits you’ll get to enjoy.