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Warm Winter Desserts From Your Grill

Well, summer’s over, fall is nearly spent, and it’s time to cover the grill and use it for measuring snowfall accumulations, right? Not so fast! We have a list of delectable winter desserts to make your mouth water, your nose beg for more, and your neighbors peek over the privacy fence to see what’s cooking. This time of year brings ample opportunity to celebrate, and no celebration is truly complete without dessert. Oh, anyone can whip up a pound cake in the oven or nab a cherry pie from Safeway or Costco. Impress your guests (and the family, too) with one of these amazing warm winter desserts from your grill. (Pssst, if your grill gave up the ghost at that back to school party, we have a stunning selection for you!) 

There’s More to Grill Than Meat and Veggies

Looking for a secret weapon to make your next meal sparkle? Consider grilling up some fruit! When the juices warm up and get a little smoky flavor, there’s a perfect blend of sweet and savory. With a little basting of butter and a subtle sear on each side, a caramelized fruit makes a dessert. Grilled fruit is perfect on a slice of cake or with a scoop of ice cream. Try pineapples, peaches, apples or pears! Take a look at this easy and delicious grilled peaches recipe.

This Takes the Cake

Cake offers a classic dessert, but what about using your grill as an oven to bake the cake? All you need is high heat. A grill is just like an oven; the fire is hot and it brings a whole new flavor punch into the mix. Try a pineapple upside cake to get that luxurious, caramelized texture with a subtle, smoky flavor. If pies are your pleasure, use a good cast iron skillet as a nice pie holder for warm fruit, cheesecake, or some homemade cinnamon rolls. Another method is to bake a cake in a foil packet. Check out this cherry chocolate foil packet. There’s absolutely nothing like warm winter desserts from your grill.

Reinvent a Childhood Favorite

If you ever went camping as a child, you probably made a dessert over the campfire. We all love s’mores as a time-honored tradition, with lots of opportunities to customize flavors. Use a mini graham cracker crust, add some chopped nuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Then cover it with foil and let the grill work it’s magic until it’s a melty, gooey, little s’more pie. Or you might have even made a banana boat on your childhood campout. Use a sheet of foil, some chopped fruits or chocolate and marshmallows, and a little butter, and roll it up so dessert can be as easy as using the leftover heat from dinner. Prepare the foil packets while dinner is cooking. When the meat comes off the grill, place the foil packets on. When everyone has had their fill of the meal, the dessert is ready! Take a look at this list for more ideas for warm winter desserts from your grill. 

For more recipes and more reasons to buy a grill today, talk to our sales team about adding a grill to your backyard fun. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen for a great way to head into the new year with fresh ideas. A new grill can enhance your backyard with new flavor combinations and the kind of smells that cling to your memories. Try these desserts to build the best holiday season and new winter traditions. Contact us today to get set up!