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Which is Better: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or Seasonal Service for Pools and Spas?

Do you have someone coming out to provide service for pools and spas? At Maximum Comfort, we know it can be tricky to balance life. Having our experts come often enough to prevent problems from arising can definitely help. So, what is the perfect amount to have a service team check on your investments? It depends on what you want from your team, but weekly service for pools and spas is best for most people.

Bi-Weekly Service for Pools and Spas

If you use your hot tub or pool daily for multiple people, you will want our service team to come by bi-weekly. This much use of your water will make it more challenging to keep things balanced and clean. Since you enjoy your pool and spa so much, you certainly don’t want that interrupted by problem-solving water care issues instead of enjoying your prime spaces of recreation and relaxation.

When our experts stop by, they can clean your spa or pool, balance the chemicals, and check to ensure everything is in proper operating condition. Having things checked this often truly protects your assets in the best way.

Weekly Service for Pools and Spas

We say that weekly service for pools and spas is best for most people, because most people aren’t using their backyard assets every single day. This is considered typical usage if you use your pool or hot tub a few days a week with a few people. Having our team check things over and balance the water chemistry once a week will ensure things stay clean, clear and well cared for without spending too much of your hard-earned money. 

Monthly Service for Pools and Spas

Monthly service would be a good fit for people who are around their pool and spa and feel confident in taking care of weekly maintenance themselves. Having our team come out once a month will allow you to avoid more intensive care like drain and fills, filter cleaning, or conditioning a spa cover. Our service team will of course check other things while we are there to be sure that everything is balanced and working well for you.

Seasonal Service for Pools and Spas

Seasonal service is an excellent fit for those who have vacation homes and are only looking to have someone come and set things up for them when they are coming into town. You can take advantage of this service to have things clean, running, and ready when you arrive for vacation. We can make sure this happens for you.

We can even adjust to more frequent visits while you are staying to ensure everything stays clean for you and help you close things up when you are ready to leave. A seasonal service can be modified throughout the year to meet your needs at different times.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum of needs, Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa has a route service that will fit your specific needs. Reach out today to speak with one of our expert service team members. We can help you to figure out what will best suit you and get you on our schedule.