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What Ailments is a Hot Tub Good for?

A hot tub is more than just a relaxing place to unwind. It offers so many health benefits!  Just what ailments is a hot tub good for? Hot tub health benefits are many, and some will probably surprise you. 

People have been using water therapy for thousands of years. In fact, it’s been documented that as far back as the 13th century, Swiss monks would place sick or disabled people into thermal waters to decrease their pain and improve their flexibility. The ancient Romans and Greeks used hydrotherapy even before that. 

While they might not have known centuries ago why warm water was healing, we now understand hydrotherapy helps the body in several ways. Buoyancy relieves pressure and tension. Heat raises core temperature and increases circulation. Add in massage jets that provide targeted relief, and it’s easy to see why a hot tub is a go-to for pain management, recovery, and good health!

So, what ailments can a hot tub improve?

    • Chronic Pain, Muscle Strains, and Injuries – If you suffer from chronic pain, or are recovering from an accident or sports injury, a hot tub could help! The buoyancy of the water will relieve pressure to the affected area while increased circulation will help your body heal. Then, massage jets can diminish painful symptoms.


    • Stress – Studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub diminishes stress. Since stress is a known contributor to mental disorders, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even headaches, it makes sense that managing stress should be a top priority! When lowering stress can be as enjoyable as soaking in a hot tub, all the better.


    • Arthritis – The water’s buoyancy supports the body and relieves pressure on your joints. Plus the heat relaxes your body and eases stiffness.


    • Sleep Disorders – Want to fall asleep easier and sleep better? Soaking in your hot tub 90 minutes before bed can help you do just that.


    • Back Pain – Whether you have a permanent condition or you’ve simply thrown out your back, soaking in a hot tub can help. While the jets provide a deep massage that lessens pain, the buoyancy of the water will relieve pressure. 


    • Joint Inflammation and Stiffness – A rejuvenating soak in your hot tub will warm up your muscles and limber you up, easing stiffness. The hydrostatic pressure of the warm water reduces joint inflammation. With regular hot tub use to reduce inflammation and stiffness, you can see an improved range of motion.


    • Fibromyalgia – It has been shown that hydrotherapy improves fibromyalgia symptoms. In one study, patients reported better physical function and diminished pain, fatigue, stiffness, and even depression. 


    • Anxiety – Maybe it’s the quiet downtime. Maybe it’s the warm water and jetted massage. Or, possibly it’s a combination of all three that decreases anxiety.


    • Relief for Sore Muscles from Working Out – When it comes to gaining muscle, “no pain, no gain” really is a true statement. However, soaking in your hot tub can minimize some of the soreness from a hard workout. Plus it can help your muscles recover faster. 

    And that isn’t even all! Hot-tubbing can improve so many conditions. If you have an ailment that could be improved by massage, applying heat, or relieving pressure on your joints, consider a hot tub! At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, we carry a full range of Hot Spring® Spas and FreeFlow® Spas to fit every budget, from luxurious models to budget-friendly Plug-N-Play ones, so there’s nothing standing between you and a spa of your own! If you’re ready to experience the health benefits yourself, come visit us in Vail or Frisco. We’ll help you find your ideal spa!