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What Do I Do If My Hot Tub Isn’t Working?

When you arrive at your Vail vacation home you are looking forward to a peaceful getaway with your family. Instead, you may have come home to a hot tub that isn’t working properly. So you may be asking yourself, “what do I do if my hot tub isn’t working?” 

Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa is here to help. We have the hot tub service professionals you need to ensure your spa is clean, running, and ready for your arrival. 

Our hot tub service repair team can diagnose any problem. Because they are backed by our well-stocked warehouse of replacement parts, repair service is quick and easy. 

We have over 25 years of experience serving our customers in Vail and the central Rocky Mountain region. You can trust us with all your hot tub service needs.

Hot Tub Service 

Many answers to “what do I do if my hot tub isn’t working” come from simple troubleshooting.

Sometimes cleaning your filters, clearing out any blockages, and topping off the water is all that may be needed. 

Other times, however, your spa may need a repair service. 

Common reasons we are called out to a malfunctioning hot tub include:

  • The Jets aren’t working properly
  • Panel control is displaying an error code
  • Noisy pump
  • Weak water flow
  • The hot tub is tripping the breaker

Hot Tub Service Repair

What Do I do If My Hot Tub Isn't Working?
Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa offers hot tub service repair to the central Rocky Mountain region.

At Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, we offer repair services you can trust. Whether your spa needs a new heater, pump, thermostat, or something else, we are here to help. 

We started out by doing hot tub service repair work over 40 years ago. You can trust our experience.

Our technicians are well-trained from many sources throughout the industry. We can diagnose and provide hot tub service repair quickly. 

We have a fully stocked warehouse filled with replacement parts and equipment. We can have your spa clean, running, and ready in a minimal amount of time. 

Hot Tub Service Maintenance

The best way to avoid any technical repair service is with proper spa maintenance. 

With our route service, we do all the work for you! 

We want to provide you with the services and products that promote your health and wellness lifestyle. That’s why we offer quality regular maintenance service that brings you peace of mind. 

Our maintenance service will clean your spa and handle all your spa water care needs. We will also provide you with any other services your hot tub may need.

You can schedule service according to your needs. We can service your hot tub weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. And we will provide you with a detailed log of every visit. 

Hot Tub Trade-In

Call Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa for hot tub service or to trade in.

If it is time to upgrade your spa, we provide hot tub trade-ins. Simply fill out the form to find out if you can put your existing hot tub towards the purchase of a new one. 

At Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, we sell a variety of hot tubs to meet your needs. We offer Hot Spring® Spas and Free Flow® Spas

With many different sizes and models to choose from you are sure to find a new hot tub perfect to upgrade your Vail vacation home.