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What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

Timing is everything, right? Even when it comes to the right time to buy a hot tub. It’s an investment in your health and wellness, which is why high-quality spas are in demand all year long. Soaking in a hot tub is great for loosening stuff muscles, recovering from an injury, improving quality of life for people with chronic pains, or even building better relationships with family and friends.

When is the best time to buy a hot tub? Whenever you find the best deal!

Great deals on hot tubs happen all year long, so the answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. Here are the different types of hot tub deals available:

  1. National Sales – this is when the manufacturer promotes a discount
  2. Blowout Sales – this is when the dealer is trying to reduce their inventory
  3. Discounts on In-Stock Models – this is usually when the dealer is making room for next years models

The Best Deals Come from a Local Dealer

Buying from a private seller might look less expensive at first, but you’ll have to pay for delivery plus you need to install it yourself. Very few homeowners have the equipment or tools necessary to take a hot tub (usually left at the curb) to the backyard and then install it. Private sellers also don’t offer warranties or service. Buying a hot tub from a local dealer, like Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, is a different scenario. We offer delivery and we have an expert team that will not only install and set up your spa, but they will also come back anytime you need service.

The Difference Between a Great Price and a Great Deal

Buying a hot tub for a great price doesn’t mean much if you don’t get the hot tub features you really want. Here are some accessories for you to consider when you’re shopping for a hot tub. Make a list of what you must have, what you want, and what you can do without.

  • Size. How many people will use the hot tub?
  • Jets. Do you want to target specific parts of your body?
  • Water Care Systems. Chlorine effectively cleans the water, but it can irritate your skin and eyes. A salt water system relies on minimal chlorine to sanitize your spa.

Don’t forget your entertainment options and other accessories:

  • Lighting
  • Waterfalls and Fountains
  • Entertainment System
  • Cover Lifter
  • Steps
  • Handrail
  • Spa Side Umbrella

HotSpring is the largest hot tub manufacturer in the United States, and we’re proud to carry a full line of HotSpring Spas at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa. Stop by the showroom today to see if now is the best time of year for you to buy a hot tub for your Colorado home.