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What to Do if it Snows on Your Pool Cover?

While not all of the U.S. gets tons of snow each year, living in Vail and Frisco, Colorado, means we get quite a bit to enjoy. Even though snow can be a blast to play in, some issues can arise if it snows on your pool cover. Specifically, if too much snow collects on your pool cover, you could be in quite an expensive pickle. The experts at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa are here to ensure you’re prepared this winter season! Here are five steps on what to do if it snows on your pool cover.

1. Use a long broom to remove snow.

One of the most accessible ways to remove snow from your pool cover is to use a long-handled broom. With light, fluffy snow, you can use the broom to push and gently sweep the snow away. The most critical thing is to stay away from any shape that could puncture or tear your pool cover. A broom will effectively remove snow without damaging your pool cover.

2. Use a leaf blower to blow the snow away.

Another easy method if it snows on your pool cover is using a leaf blower to blow any loose snow away. Using your leaf blower will quickly move a chunk of the snow away from the pool cover. While it may not remove it all, it will remove quite a bit. If more solid pieces are left, using the heating cable and the cover pump should help it melt and be pumped away in time.

3. Get a cover pump for assistance.

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent problems for your pool is to get a cover pump before winter comes. During pool closing, you can place the pump in the center of the cover to help remove any water puddles.  Having a pump in place will allow any snow that melts to be pumped off of the cover without you doing anything extra. Just note that the cover pump won’t remove snow; only water from melted snow. This has the added benefit of helping in case it rains, as well, and will keep your cover from getting too icy.

4. Get a heat cable to melt the snow on your pool cover.

In addition to having a cover pump, you can add a heat cable to melt any accumulating snow. This, in conjunction with a cover pump, will have the snow and water gone in no time at all. Less work with more benefits is our favorite way to go.

5. Use pool salt to protect your cover.

You can also add pool salt to your pool cover before it snows, just like you would on sidewalks or a road. This will keep the snow from sticking and causing a lot of damage. If you need help with this preventative step, our expert service providers are available to assist with these needs.


Using a mixture of preventative and proactive measures, your pool cover and pool will remain safe and snow-free this winter. Make sure you are protecting your investment this year by following these easy steps or reach out to our team at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa to help you out.