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What to do with your Hot Spring Instant Rebate

Money doesn’t grow on trees … but it does come from your hot tub!

Hurry in before Sept. 24 and get an instant rebate on your purchase of a new Hot Spring hot tub! Get $1000 on Highlife and Highlife NXT models, or $500 of a new spa from the Hot Spring Limelight line.

That’s a pretty serious chunk of change. So what are you going to do with it? Well …

You could spend it in a moat.
You could spend it on a boat.
You could stuff it in a chair.
You could put it in your hair. (hey, it rhymes)

You can do a lot with a hot tub refund.

How about a trip?
Fly to the beach and take a dip.
Or go down south for a while;
Slow down and relax – it’ll make you smile.
How about shopping?
Hey, it’s better than mopping.
Or buy that new TV.
Fill your house with glee.

You can do a lot with a hot tub refund.

Accessories for your new spa.
Outdoor furniture for your deck.
A new grill? That’s not blah.
Check, check, check.

You can do a lot with a hot tub refund.

In all seriousness though, if you’re thinking about a new hot tub, now is a great time to take the plunge. And with rebates available on all Highlife, Highlife NXT and Limelight models, you’re sure to find the spa that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle – and your space.

Need a smaller spa for the deck off your master bedroom? The Highlife Jetsetter seats three but still packs 17 jets, including the exclusive Moto-Massage DX jet system.

Looking for a larger hot tub that can comfortably seat a crowd? The Limelight Gleam can seat up to eight and includes fun features like multi-colored exterior lighting and a lit water feature.

Be sure to stop in before Sept. 24 to take advantage of the Hot Spring instant rebate offer. This is one deal that’s definitely NOT too good to be true!

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