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What’s Included in a Pool and Spa Route Service Package?

Living in the beautiful Rocky Mountains is something many people only dream of doing. Maybe you’ve recently moved to the area or have just purchased a vacation home here in the Vail Valley. Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa welcomes you! We are prepared to care for your pool and spa so that your at-home leisure experience is easy and enjoyable. So what’s included in a pool and spa route service package? Great question! Let us give you a glimpse of what our reliable route service packages include.

Premier Pool Maintenance

First, let’s look at our professional pool service and maintenance packages. A swimming pool is the place to be during the warm days of the year. Our experienced technicians come to your house, as often as you’d like, to make sure that your pool is completely ready for your enjoyment. Perhaps your home is just a vacation destination for your family. No problem! Then the pool will be ready for your arrival. You can schedule a maintenance appointment before you travel to your home away from home.

During each regularly scheduled visit, the team will test the pool water and adjust the chemistry as needed. You will also get a pool cleaning every time. They will look over all of the pool equipment to make sure that nothing is amiss as well. When they finish, you will receive photos of your pool with the date of their visit and the information about all of the maintenance they performed. If they found any issues, you will be able to see what they did to resolve the problem.

Helpful Hot Tub Maintenance

Next, let’s talk about our hot tub maintenance service. A hot tub is the perfect place to release stress and relax. When you allow our service team to tend to your spa, you never have to worry about prepping it for the spontaneous moments that you want to soak. 

Our skilled service teams perform more than 1,000 service calls every week. You can schedule them to care for your spa as often or as little as you want to, depending on how much you are using it. They will care for the chemistry of the water. They will also be sure that the spa is clean, including the filter and any other components of the machine. Details of each hot tub maintenance visit will also be provided via email.

Quarterly drain and fills can also be included in your spa care package. And if you have a wood exterior, our talented technicians can care for the sealing and oiling that will be needed as well. If any issues arise with your hot tub heater or controller, we are just a phone call away. Our rapid response times make our teams highly sought after with homeowners searching for hot tub service in Vail.

Reputable Route Service 

What’s included in a pool and spa route service package? With regular route service, you can receive all of the above, and sign up for a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal schedule. That way, you know your home or home-away-from-home is being taken care of regularly with excellent pool and spa service.

You can count on our reputable route service teams to ensure that your pool and spa are always ready for all of the recreation you anticipate enjoying. Clean – Running – Ready. This is our mission, every time. Contact us anytime to get your name on our list for consistent care for your aquatic entertainment venues.