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Why a HotSpring®Spa Is Better Than an Arctic®

A HotSpring® spa or an Arctic® brand spa – Which is better?

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. We at Maximum Comfort do not sling mud at other brands and dealers. Some people like to drive a Chevy. Others want a Ford. Some people prefer to drive a sedan. Others prefer an SUV. Sedans and SUVs are available in both brands. Nonetheless, the only way to make brand buying decisions is by doing some comparison shopping.

Ultimately, you buy the one you like better after you take a test drive.

Here a few insights into why we believe that Hot Spring spas are the best money can buy from entry-level to luxury-defining.


The Cover Guy rated both HotSpring spas and Arctic spas among the Best Hot Tub Brands of 2019.

Attention to design, particularly as design relates to user comfort, gives HotSpring a #2 rating. They also get high marks for the availability of parts.

Arctic Spas ranks at #8 “because of their significant innovation within the hot tub industry.” The brand promotes its high-efficiency heat recovery system.

Reviews gave HotSpring upvotes for having “a better variety of small hot tub models than most manufacturers.” The only downside they noted was that HotSpring offers fewer color options than most. Not the brand if you are looking for chartreuse.

The same site likes Arctic Spas for energy efficiency but dinged them for less variety.


HotSpring began manufacturing spas 42 years ago, in 1977. It is one of the world’s leading hot tub brands, according to Hot Tub Insider.

Arctic Spas began operations in 1994 in Alberta, Canada.


HotSpring’s commitment is “to provide customers with the best possible hot tub ownership experience.”

Arctic’s motto is “to be the best and not necessarily the biggest.”


The following comparison is gleaned from

  Arctic Spa   HotSpring Spa
Shell Acrylic and hand-rolled fiberglass   Acrylic and thermoplastic
Exterior Cedar or Eon plastic decking   Maintenance-free simulated wood
Insulation Polyurethane, high-density sprayed perimeter   Totally insulated with layers of multi-density closed-cell foam
Jets Interchangeable, separate controls for each; neck and shoulder jets on all models.   Interchangeable directional and rotary jets; adjustable flow for each jet.

Which is better?

We believe that HotSpring spa is superior and is one of the best selling hot tubs in America for a reason. We would like the opportunity to show you why. Do what you would when you buy a car. Call us and come by for a test drive. Once you do, we are confident you will share our opinion about HotSpring Spas. Our showrooms are open six days a week in Vail and Frisco.