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Why a Sauna is Perfect for the Holiday Season

The end of the year brings much anticipation because of the wonderful holidays that come as the calendar finishes another cycle. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Year’s are the highlights three months in a row. Having a sauna to enjoy on these special days (and in between) is a dream come true. At Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa we are known for our expertise in the at-home leisure department. Let us tell you why a sauna is perfect for the holiday season.

Fall Holidays can be Frigid

The beauty of the Rocky Mountains is unmatched, no matter what season you’re enjoying. As you already know, fall can be a little frigid here in Colorado. Hiking through the mountains in blustery autumn is still enjoyable. But you definitely want a way to warm up when you get home. Playing football or being a loyal spectator for your annual family turkey bowl can also quickly chill you and send you searching for instant warmth on Thanksgiving.

A traditional or infrared sauna by Finnleo® is the perfect solution for this holiday dilemma. Enjoying a relaxing sauna session will instantly warm you back up. It also prepares you for the delicious turkey meal and pumpkin pie to come.

There is no wrong place to install a sauna. You can put it in the backyard with your pool and spa. Or maybe you would prefer it inside to finish off your master bathroom. Perhaps your home gym has space for a sauna too. You can have one custom made to fit your unique space or choose from the beautiful designs we offer. Heat bathing will quickly become a holiday tradition to enjoy with those you love.

Winter Requires Warming Up

A common sight as Christmas approaches is beautiful, sparkling snow on the ground. Sometimes the snow arrives well before Christmas, and it can stick around for quite some time too. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and tubing are activities that families enjoy often during this special time. The holidays are memorable, and having fun traditions like these to attach to memories is indescribable.

Maybe you enjoy Christmas caroling in December as well. There are other ways to heat up that just might become as beloved as sipping a hot cocoa and marshmallows with your family. Again, in these instances, a sauna is perfect for the holiday season. When you finish your outdoor activities, you will have a warm, welcoming place to step into. It’ll be an instant warm up. 

A Finnleo® Infra-Sauna is a popular choice for families that like to bask in the benefits of heat bathing together. There are two options for sauna bathing—traditional heating or infrared technology. You can decide which method is best for your personal preferences.

Celebrate in Style

Those looking for a sauna in Vail know where to turn to. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary of helping the people of the central Rocky Mountains with all of their leisure lifestyle needs. Pools and spas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the products we now offer for relaxing recreation. Come see why customers choose to celebrate their holidays in style with the items they found at Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa.